The Litany of the Jewels
Page 21

Dwarves’ treasure: purple Amethyst,
Imperial star of Germany.
The Opal of the Lowland Gnomes:
A cloud of shining, shifting smoke.
A Topaz is the Russian prize:
The royal sunstone, frozen fire.
Peridot of old Italy:
Antique, and olivine, and rich.
The Ruby out of Araby:
Scarlet of desert sky at dawn.
Africa’s Diamond, earth-born star,
Bright harvest of the midnight rock.
The Nymphs of Hellas cherish sweet
Aquamarine, spring-water clear.
From far Cathay, the dragon’s Pearl:
Chaste, perfect as the silver moon.
Each jewel in its weird-wrought casque,
Gift of the Viking craftsmen Elves.
Wonder and glory thirteen-fold:
These are the treasures the Fair Folk bring.


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