The Litany of the Jewels
Page 20

inlaid dagger hilts, coronets and combs-the Fair Peo-
ple can be jealous, greedy, vain, quarrelsome, posses-
sive, treacherous-almost, in a word, human.
When the Thirteen Nations of the Fair People came
to the New Found Land, twelve tribes brought with
them their chief pride and treasure: a gem from the
Old World, a remembrance of their history and tradi-
tion. The Eivish folk of Scandia provided the uncanny
casques in which the jewels were kept.
Every Fairy, even the stupidest Goblin among
them, knew by heart the Litany of the Jewels:

What are the treasures the Fair Folk bring?
Easily named, and lovingly told:
Fairies of England proudly bear
Garnet, crown-jewel of their Queen.
Brilliant as eyes of Celtic folk,
Cold morning green, their Emerald.
The Hadas of Iberia:
Sapphire, shy as a wild field flower.
Turquoise the Fays of France keep: stone
Rare as a blue midsummer’s day. 


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