Welcome. We’ve been expecting you.

You are about to embark
on a fantastic adventure:
A quest for twelve treasures: over ten thousand
dollars in precious jewels. They may be hidden in
your city or your local park or even in your own
backyard. You might even figure out one of their
hiding places without leaving your house ….
You are about to learn the answer
to an age-old mystery:
Whatever happened to the Fair People: the goblins,
dragons, fairies, leprechauns and other fantastic
creatures of the Old World?
You are about to meet
their descendants:
For the first time, you will see the creatures who are
really responsible for all the unexplainable things
that happen to you-from the Maftre D’ eamon
(who makes sure you get the table near the kitchen)
to the Screaming Mimi (who loves the sound of a
baby crying in your ear). Plus you’ll have a chance
to send in your own sightings of fantastic creatures.

The Secret
A Treasure Hunt
A Mythology for the Modern World

You are cordially Invited to participate.

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  1. Linda (squirrell)

    Love all the work you habe done..msy 2019 be a year a casque is found.


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