Welcome. We’ve been expecting you.

You are about to embark
on a fantastic adventure:
A quest for twelve treasures: over ten thousand
dollars in precious jewels. They may be hidden in
your city or your local park or even in your own
backyard. You might even figure out one of their
hiding places without leaving your house ….
You are about to learn the answer
to an age-old mystery:
Whatever happened to the Fair People: the goblins,
dragons, fairies, leprechauns and other fantastic
creatures of the Old World?
You are about to meet
their descendants:
For the first time, you will see the creatures who are
really responsible for all the unexplainable things
that happen to you-from the Maftre D’ eamon
(who makes sure you get the table near the kitchen)
to the Screaming Mimi (who loves the sound of a
baby crying in your ear). Plus you’ll have a chance
to send in your own sightings of fantastic creatures.

The Secret
A Treasure Hunt
A Mythology for the Modern World

You are cordially Invited to participate.


  1. Linda (squirrell)

    Love all the work you habe done..msy 2019 be a year a casque is found.

  2. Jackie G.

    Listened to the 1 first podcast. Agree totally Wiki has great pictures but the rest of it is worthless. The wiki site was set up and run by someone in the UK who; like you, did not read the book, but also knew nothing of American geography, American History or the people that made America.
    The first step you got wrong and are still getting wrong is “the story in the book was not important”.
    Read the BOOK!
    It was not intended for the image or the verse to give you the locations. Byron Priess tells you in the book where the Fairies went in the New Found Land; with one except the hardest one image 2. You are given two items when but together let you know you are correct; image 1: Cathay and peach of immortality
    France: page13 The Passage to the New World “Forsaking the sun-tanned Riviera, water Dracs, playful-as-porpoises, and the languid, amorous Fadas found contentment upon the hot southern shores of the New World, amidst pink, long-legged birds and high, swaying palms.” In New Orleans? Flamingos!
    Russia: Leshy and Vily, from the forests of Muscovy, instructed the Mohicans in woodcraft; Manhattan is the land of the Mohican Tribe?
    Araby: The fabulous carpet weaving techniques of the Djinn and Peri were admired and then mastered by
    the people who were their neighbors in the vast and pleasant desert regions of the New World’s Southwest.
    Dutch . . . settle peaceably, at length, among rolling hills by a wide river richly lined with cliffs and trees. Clear, running creeks they found there, and wildcats in abundance, wherefore they named their new home “Kaaterskill” (Wildcat Creek). Montreal?
    How about someone taking a look at Catskill, NY which is below the Kaaterskill Wild Forest Use Verse 1
    Read the Book!
    What was Byron Priess?
    What did he love to do?
    Answer Teach!
    So what is Byron Priess trying to teach you?
    Each of the 12 puzzles is pointing to an important person, or historical event or social changes that had a major impact on America. Byron Priess want to teach with this book. Clearly, no one got it and in the end, I think his attitude was I gave you the information in the book. Go away!
    Image 1 is about LBJ and Lady Bird, Raegan, and the Klamath Tribe.
    None of my locations is a vast area but less than a few square feet.


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