1 Elves, Trolls, Grims, Nissen and Tomtni
2 Vazily, Leshy, Poleviki, Domivye, Vily, Ruskalki
3 Dwarves, Witchl,  Hiltchen, Rhine Maidens
4 People 0′ Peace, Trows, Brownies, Silk-ies, Kelpies
5 Sidhe, Leprachauns, Fir Darrigs
6 Fairies, Pixies, Hobgoblins, Boggarts
7 Alven, Klabauterman- nikins, Gnomes
8 Korreds, Lutin, Dames  Blanches, Loup Garoux
9 Centaurs, Nymphs, Satyrs
10 Hadas, Duende
11 Falletti, Forfarelli, Sa/-  vani, Aguane,  Linchetti 
12 Djinn, Peri, Deevs
13 Tree Fairies
Not shown: Prince Yi, Hsi Wang Mu, Shin-seen and the Dragon


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