The French were the first to follow. (The tall,
proud Hadas of Spain had already departed-
however reluctantly-with their diminutive domes-
tic relatives, the Duendes.) From France came the
sturdy seafaring Korreds of Brittany; the nomadic,
shape-shifting Lutins of Normandy, Dames
Blanches and Dames Vertes, coquettish maidens
from the river valleys of the Aquitaine, Loups
Garoux from the forests. All these found refuge
from the onslaught of Man upon the chill and rocky
northern coast of the New Found Land across the
sea. Forsaking the sun-tanned Riviera, water Dracs,
playful-as-porpoises, and the languid, amorous
Fadas found contentment upon the hot southern
shores of the New World, amidst pink, long-legged
birds and high, swaying palms.
In England, the erstwhile high-honored court of
the Fairy Queen was now much diminished. Her
Majesty, Mab Herself, and many of Her subjects,
Pixies, Hobgoblins, and Boggarts alike, had shrunk
to tiny size. Robin had been exiled to Sherwood.
Right gladly did all that company hear the news of a
haven in the West, and right swiftly they embarked
The venerable Dutch merchant empire of the
Lowland Alven was also in its autumn. Their sailor-


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