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The Litany of the Jewels
Page 19

It is the nature (or perhaps we should say PRE-
TERNATURE) of Fairies to love beautiful things: star-
shine and flowers, of course, and trees; rushing
streams, dew-bright morning spider webs, and mu-
sic. But of all the desires of the Fair People, there is
one thing for which Man shares the same passion:
To the Fairies, gold is pretty enough stuff. It re-
minds them of sunlight dancing on water and of the
turning leaves in autumn. (Catch a Leprechaun, they
say, and demand of him his golden treasure: you’ll
sleep a hundred years and wake with dead leaves in
your pocket-he keeps his word.)
Likewise, they cherish silver, for it puts them in
mind of moonlight and icicles.
But precious stones they value for themselves; per-
haps because, like them, gems are earthbom, rare,
and beautiful. When it comes to jewelry (and the
Fairies are great craftsmen of jewelry)-to rings and
pendants, bracelets and necklaces, to broaches and

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  1. Joel

    Preternature – …exceeding what is natural or regular (Merriam Webster).

    This is word is 12 letters long and found in the chapter on the Litany of the Jewels. So many other things of importance in this book have 12; 12 pictures, 12 verses, 12 stones, etc. And why capitalize all 12 letters if it does not mean something other than just a basic descriptive of fairies?

    Does anyone else think this is a clue or key to help with the puzzles?


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