SEAN KELLY Author Mr. Kelly was a newspaper reporter, radio actor, advertising agency copywriter, and college teacher of Children’s Literature and Victorian History before leaving his native Canada. He joined (and is currently an editor of) the National Lampoon magazine, co-wrote and did lyrics for the musical revue, Lemmings and edited Heavy Metal magazine. He has written comedy for television— Steve Martin, Jonathan Winters, and Robert Klein—and for children’s television: Young People’s Concerts (CBS), the Drawing Power series (NBC) and School House Rock (ABC). He has contributed to (the Sports and Op-Ed pages of) The New York Times and to Not the New York Times, to The 80’s: A Look Back, The Quarterly of Joyce Studies, The What’s What Book and A Treasury of Humor for Children. He is now editing a collection, Irish Folk Tales and Fairy Tales, for W. H. Smith. He is married to Valerie Marchant, and has four children.

TED MANN Author Mr. Mann, a native of Canada, is currently a senior editor of National Lampoon, for which he has written since 1974. He has written teleplays for ABC’s short-lived Delta House, Behind the Scenes and NBC’s Drawing Power. He co-edited Slightly Higher in Canada with Mr. Kelly, a frequent collaborator.

JOELLEN TRILLING Sculptress Ms. Trilling’s sculptures have been the subject of five shows at the Julie Artisans Gallery on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, where such clients as Elton John, Ellen Burstyn, Cher, Julie Christie and Carrie Fisher have purchased them. Her sculptures have appeared in The Complete Book of Stuffed Work, The Beach Boys, Heavy Metal, The Soho Weekly News, Playboy, and Cue; and in the Ren-wick Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. She has taught soft sculpture in New York and Kentucky, and her work was featured twice on Bill Bogg’s Midday Live television program in New York. She currently resides in New York.

JOHN PALENCAR Illustrator Mr. Palencar’s award-winning work has appeared in numerous periodicals such as Ohio and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. His illustrations have appeared in three shows at the prestigious Society of Illustrators and in Distant Stars. He was awarded a scholarship to the 1980 Illustrator’s Workshop in Paris, and is pursuing careers in both fine art and illustration.



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