but my friends, the Shining Ones, protected me.
We crossed deserts so dty they were scattered with
the bones of cactus. We wintered in mountains so
high you could touch the moon with your finger tips.
We saw bears who could talk and ravens who made
fun of them for it
All the while we were travelling, the party of
Shining Ones became smaller. In groups, or pairs,
or all alone, they would slip away, to make their
new homes in whatever place was easy on their
That is how there came to be Shining People, big
and little, powerful or foolish, always invisible but
still living in evety place across the land. I saw that
Finally, we reached the Great Western Sea.
There was no place farther we could go. Only the
strongest and strangest of the Shining Ones were
still with me at the end of the trail. As I stood looking
out at the blue waves coming in from the place
where the sun was setting, I heard them say good-
bye to me. When I turned to look for them, they too
had vanished, and I was alone at the end of the
I waited there on the beach, for many days, for an
idea. It was given to me in the form of four strange
Indians, who tried to kill me. They were riding the
first horse I had ever seen. Because there were only
four of them on the horse, I made up my mind to
steal it.
That night I crept up on their camp and stole that
horse. I began to ride north. The next night, while I
was asleep, someone crept up on my camp and



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