Since that time, every Elf and Troll, Goblin and
Brownie, Djinn and Ruskalki, Shape-shifter and
even the Dragon, have been hiding invisibly beside
us, above us, below us, watching us, teasing us,
helping us, in the proud Fairy tradition of playful
torture and occasional benevolence toward Man.
For, even in their invisibility, the temptation to make
mischief amongst those who had come to the New
World-the stern Pilgrims, the rigid British, the fops
and fools questing fortune in the West-was irresist-
ible to the Fair People. From the safety of the
wilderness, they would venture forth into civilization
for their own amusement. It was the best of both
Over the years, with each new wave of immi-
grants from the Old World to the New, came a new
host of Fair People. Like their human counterparts,
many remained fiercely dedicated to their Old
World ways; others intermingled. Pixie married Elf;
Sylph married Duende; Falletti courted Troll …
with fascinating results. But all remained true to the
pact of the emigres of the First Passage. Although
some chose to live closer to Man, all remained
Sadly, however, the New World was changing.
Yo-Rib’s native brethren were slaughtered; rivers
they had once forged were dammed by concrete
walls; and the sky was befouled by machines. The
Fair People knew that civilization was making this
New World unfit for them, even in their hidden
form, just as it had done before.· And the Fair Peo-
ple, with their love for nature, knew that something
had to be done. Thus, longing for the day when



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