This book is dedicated to
Alexsandr Ginzburg, Yuri Orlov, Anatoly Shcharansky
Andrei Sakharov, Victor Nekipelov, George Vladimov
and all the other voices of freedom in the Soviet darkness
A Bantam Book I November 1982
All rights reserved.
Copyright © 1982 Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc.
Illustrations © 1982 Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc.
Cover painting by John Jude Palencar,
Cover and book design by Alex Jay with assistance and support from
Kathy Connolly and Vincent, a one-ear cat.
For information address:
Bantam Books, Inc.
The Secret was produced by Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc.
The Editor would like to thank Louis Wolfe, Jack Romanos, Nina
Hoffman, Sally Williams, F X. Flinn, Lucy Salvino, Vincent Liguori, Lisa
Nichol, Ian and Betty Ballantine, Paul Fedorko, Stuart Applebaum, Alun
Davies, Patrice Clay, Arlene Aizer, Phyllis Mandel, and Joan Brandt for
their gracious support, consideration and friendship during the production
of The Secret.

Special thanks to Barry Denenberg for his editorial help, generous
enthusiasm, and care-taking of an unusual endeavor.

The Contributors would like to thank the following parties for providing
locations for shooting some of the Fair People: Ms. Emily Dieder of the
Riverside Church, New York (Tinkerbelle); The Cheese Cellar Restaurant,
New York (Maitre D’ eamon); Columbia University; Mr Oswaldo Novaes,
Joia Interiors, New York (Evil Neckromancer); Mr, John Doolan and Col.
Davis, 7th Regiment U.S. Army, New York (Pre-Revolutionary Warlock);
Arthur Cunningham’s 94th Street Newsstand; The Friar’s Club; Ms.
Charlotte Gasperini; and Vincent Sbarbati, The Magic Cue. Many thanks
also to Henny Youngman, Monte Irvin, Betsy Bernfeld, Marilyn and John
Palencar, Sandi Mendelson, Susan Devins, Clark Bott of Architectural
Sculpture (the box castings); and Edmund and Pearl Preiss.
Book Mechanical Production by Tony DiMiceli Graphics. James Gasperini
coordinated the photographic sessions for many of the Fair People
appearing in the book. The wino in the Djinn Rummy photographs was
portrayed by Geoff Prysor, Typography was set by Bailey Typography,
Inc., and Jackson Typesetting Company, Inc. The text was set in lTC
Souvenir with headings in lTC Bookman. The color separations were
made by Seiple Lithograph. The book was printed by R. R. Donnelly and
Sons. JoEl/en Trilling’s work can be viewed at the Julie Artisans Gallery,
New York. For information about photographic prints of any of the Fair
People: Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc.

Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 82-90324
ISBN 0-553-01408-0
Published simultaneously in the United States and Canada
Bantam Books are published by Bantam Books, Inc. Its trademark, consist-
ing of the words “Bantam Books” and the portrayal of a rooster, is registered
in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. Morea Regis-
trada. Bantam Baoks, Inc., 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, 10103.


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