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his empire and the Fair People were threatened.
  From England to Cathay, from Bristol to Bombay,
there came a call from the Fair People for a new
home, untrammeled by Civilization. Representatives
of the Fair People of the Old World were sent to seek
it Elves, fairies, sprites, foletti, duende . . . from
thirteen lands they departed the Old World to find a
New one.
  And they did.
  You are about to read of the fantastic passage of the
Fair People, who, like Man, arrived on the shores of
the New World with dreams of freedom and content-
ment. You are about to learn of their wonderstones,
the twelve treasures brought with them in their pas-
sage to the New Found Land: diamond, ruby, pearl,
amethyst, emerald, sapphire, peridot, garnet, topaz,
aquamarine … And you will discover what happened
when the Fair People found Man of the New World,
who shared their deep love for nature. Best of all, you
will learn of your role in the Fair People’s story, and the
significance of the quest for their treasure in the
relationship between Man and the Fair People.
  Across North America, twelve treasures are waiting.
The key to each requires the proper combination of
one treasure painting with one treasure verse. You
need only decipher the clues in any pair to learn the


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