Also, on a word by word level, there are a lot of Japanese words that could go with the English translations. I was not sure which Japanese word to use so when I made this translation I decided to leave the English translations of the poems in the book just in case the Japanese readers need it.

However, even if you have the original English and my rough Japanese translation is as if you are grasping at clouds, it is very vague still. Because of that, I actually made an international phone call to the editor of the original works Byron Preiss and I gave him a phone call and I received a special hint for Japanese readers. However, this hint is not a hint to solve the puzzles immediately. However, in some cases, these hints are actually confusing and can confuse me more than not seeing them. But in any case, hints are hints so if you use those hints and do some detective work you could find a shortcut to finding the fairies treasure so let’s use our heads.

I received a special hint for Japanese readers. All of these hints are for solving the 12 poems. All of these hints are related to the original English and not necessarily work with the rough Japanese translation.


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