Japanese Translation
Verse 3+4 Boston Cleveland

Line 1: Thucydides
Line 2: Xenophon
Line 5: green tower of lights
Line 8: coliseum
Line 9: metal walls
Line 11: stairs
Line 15: Eighteenth day
Line 16: Twelfth hour
Line 17: lamplight

The editor told me that if I gave you any hint at all it would immediately solve the riddle so I will not give you a hint.

Verse 4:

Line 1: two countries
Line 2: curves
Line 3: rectangular
Line 4: tenth stone
Line 6: ninth row
Line 7: small bricks
Like 8: Seven steps up
Line 10: Socrates, Pindar, Apelles
Line 11: Free speech, couplet, birch
Line 13: columns

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