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Japanese Translation
Verse 4+5 Cleveland Montreal

Line 11:
Free speech

Means free speech……. But what does that mean?

Line 11:

Is two line poetic function that Shakespeare used to use a lot.

Line 13:

Referring to columns of a building. The editor told me these columns are made of stone. What is the most famous stone column structure in the world?

Verse 5:

Line 1: Lane
Line 2: Two twenty two
Line 3: arc of lights
Line 4: Weight and roots
Line 6: granite walls
Line 9: wingless bird
Line 14: white stone closest

Line 1:

In this context, it is a proper noun. What is it? The name of a mountain, a river or town…….?

Line 4:
Weight and roots

You should think about construction while reading this.

9: Wingless bird

The direct translation is a bird without wings but it doesn’t literally mean that, for instance, People in Japan call their motorcycles Iron Horse, think of what a wingless bird can refer to. In Japan, you can actually see this thing very easily as anywhere else.

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