Japanese Translation
Verse 6 Charleston


Line 1: romance
Line 2: Men of tales and tunes
Line 3: Cruel and bold
Line 9: Freedom at the birth of a century
Line 10: May 1913
Line 11: Edwin and Edwina
Line 14: two arms extended

Lines 2-3:
Men of tales and tunes
Cruel and bold

What kind of men are these? The word romance is there but does not think of it literally. In Japan, we think of romance as being a romantic story or two people that love each other, however, that is not the case. In middle ages Europe…….

Line 9:
The birth of the century

This is referring to a specific century’s birth. Which century is it? That will give you a hint.

Line 10:
May 1913

Open up your history textbooks to May 1913, what happened in May 1913?

Lines 14-15:
Between two arms extended below the bar that binds

The arm that it is talking about, what angle do you put it in? It is difficult to give a hint for this one but arm bar bodies to join together or connect then that means the bar needs to be something that can bind.

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  1. Joel

    Lines 1, 2, and 3 read like a reference to pirates. Line 11 could be interpreted as alphabetical, when considering Edwin and then Edwina are named (alphabetically) after him. So, the hint might be Edward (Teach), then Edwin, then Edwina. Edward Teach was better known as Blackbeard the pirate. He was British by birth (tie-in to the immigration theme). Also, I believe the next line references Shakespeare (British immigration tie); “Or on the eighth a scene Where law defended”. The name Edward is found in several Shakespearean plays, but I do not know which specific one this references.

  2. Dr b

    Edwin and Edward are actually two different names. Why are you bringing up Edward?

    • Joel Nagle

      Yes, Edwin and Edwina are two different names, and “him” is referring to a third. So, what I think Preiss was trying to get people to guess was Edward, followed (alphabetically) by Edwin and then Edwina. Edward is the important name that he wants you to guess.

  3. don

    Hint – the key to Charleston is to find the hidden verse, then solve both.


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