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Verse 6 + 7 Charleston San Francisco

The arm that it is talking about, what angle do you put it in? It is difficult to give a hint for this one but arm bar bodies to join together or connect then that means the bar needs to be something that can bind.

Line 19:
White house

Is it referring to The White House or a white house? If you put The on it, it becomes the home where the
American President lives, or if you put A in front of it is it just a house that’s white? Because there is no The or A which one is it?

Verse 7:

Line 2: sweet
Line 4: High posts
Line 5: Education and Justice
Line 7: Sounds from the sky
Line 8: ace
Line 12: Twain
Line 13: Giant pole

Line 2:

Generally means sweet as in taste but you shouldn’t be concentrating on the taste. For example, The air can be sweet without being tasty sweet. It can smell sweet or feel sweet. Think about how the air could be sweet.

Line 4:
High post

This post is made out of wood

Line 5:
Education and Justice

It’s very difficult to understand what education and justice is referring to however after education and justice can be seen not far, the editor said If you think of the can be seen not far and you add something on to it and think hard about it then it becomes easier to understand. Education and justice can be seen from a place not too far away from here. In regards to that sentence, what place is this…….?

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  1. Alexander D. Vitug

    The place referring to is the Palladium Palace Site in Presidio. ADVitug

  2. Joel Nagle

    Notice that Justice is capitalized…

  3. Jeffrey

    Angel island


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