Japanese Translation
Verse 7 + 8 San Francisco Milwaukee

Education and justice can be seen from a place not too far away from here. In regards to that sentence, what place is this…….?

Line 7:
Sounds from the sky

What is it referring to? There are a lot of sounds that are heard from the sky,. For instances, the sound of a bird the sound of a plane, the sound of the wind. There are also sounds that are not registered by human ears and cannot be heard without a special machine.

Line 12:

It’s not splitting rope, it’s a phonetically sounded out name.

Verse 8:

Line 1: three stories
Line 2: beating of the world
Line 8: Step on nature
Line 9: Cast in copper
Line 11: grand 200
Line 13: culvert
Line 21: fifth

Line 1:
The three stories of Mitchell

The word stories has special meaning. It is referring to the three bedtime stories of Mitchell? Or is it referring to the three stories of Mitchell as in a building? The editor said it means three stories as in a building.

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