Japanese Translation - Verse 8 + 9 Milwaukee St Augustine - Shhh! The Secret Podcast

Line 2:
the beating of the world

This is a more difficult part because beating is referring to a drum, the hint if you need to find the name of a person for this. To find this person’s name pull up a dictionary and find that person’s name near the word drum. You will not get the treasure if you don’t try hard.

Lines 8-9:
Step on nature
Cast in copper

You should think of a leaf while reading this but what does a leaf mean?

Line 21:
On a proud, tall fifth

The editor would not give a clue for this line.

Verse 9:

Line 1: first chapter
Line 4: wind rose
Line 5: bending branches
Line 6: green picket fence
Line 8: honking


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