Japanese Translation
Verse 8 + 9 Milwaukee St Augustine

Line 2:
The beating of the world.
This is a difficult section (…even though every part is difficult). From beating, think “beat”, and from “beat”, think “drum”. (Japanese “drum”) is
spelled “d.r.u.m.” From this you must think of a person’s name. Open up a relatively large English dictionary and find “drum”, and search the vicinity to arrive at a person’s name. Without tedious effort there will be no treasures acquired.
Line 8-9: 
Step on nature
Cast in copper
For this section, I was told to imagine “a leaf”… What does “a leaf” mean?
Line 21: On a proud, tall fifth. What could this “fifth” be the fifth thing of? Mr. Preiss would not tell me at all. I barraged him with many names of things, and I soon started to think that the object is a “tree”. I cannot definitely say it’s a tree, and I won’t take responsibly, but personally
I still think it’s a “tree”

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