Japanese Translation - Verse 9 + 10 St Augustine New York - Shhh! The Secret Podcast

Line 4:
wind rose

Wind rose is referring to a nautical maneuver.

Verse 10:

Line 2: grey giant
Line 3: arm
Line 4: slender path
Line 6: whirring sound
Line 10: Indies native
Line 12: Of him of Hard word in 3 vols
Line 19: rhapsodic man’s soil
Line 21: isle of B

Line 6:
whirring sound

What kind of things make this sound? You would think maybe a bug? The sound of a propeller? If you include the word cars from line 7 then it seems as though the whirring sound is referring to something that runs across the land like above land, it’s not flying and it’s not underground and that’s probably what’s making that sound. The editor says its something that needs the power of humans to run.

Line 12:
Of him of Hard word in 3 vols

A normal person would think that it was referring to some kind of writer, but it’s difficult to find out who that is. Mr. Preiss said in order to arrive at this person, you must play with words and the start is chicken. Eventually, you will end up at the name of the person who is referred to by Him.


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