Japanese Translation
Verse 10 + 11 New York Roanoke

Line 19:
rhapsodic man’s soil

Rhapsodic man is a man of epics, from the word rhapsodic, think of a famous song then you will know that the rhapsodic man is the man that made that song.

Verse 11:

Line 1: octave
Line 3: man of oz
Line 6: Dark forest
Line 7: white
Line 8: maps
Line 11: path
Line 12: mica and driftwood
Line 16: wing
Line 18: To achieve
Line 19: By dauntless and inconquerable

Line 1:

Octave refers to the number 8, in music term one octave is a range of notes however octave is a proper noun.

To achieve
By dauntless and inconquerable

This is a direct quote from a book. Let’s pull out the encyclopedia or dictionary.

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  1. Joel Nagle

    If octave is a proper noun, then the book has a mistake since it should have read Octave. However, oz should also have been capitalized if the man of oz is referring to the land of Oz (Frank Baum might be the man). I think that neither octave nor oz are accidents, but Preiss has playfully put the small letter o in both places since it is a circle – capital O is more of an ellipse. The small circular letter o’s are verse connectors to the small circles in painting/image 7, on the hands are what look like bicycle wheels (a tribute to the Wright brothers). So, verse 11 matches with painting 7. There is at least one other verse to painting connector; the “after circle and square” in verse 11 matches with the grandfather clock’s circle and square face.


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