Japanese Translation
Verse 10 + 11 New York Roanoke

Line 19:
rhapsodic man’s soil

Rhapsodic man is a man of epics, from the word rhapsodic, think of a famous song then you will know that the rhapsodic man is the man that made that song.

Verse 11:

Line 1: octave
Line 3: man of oz
Line 6: Dark forest
Line 7: white
Line 8: maps
Line 11: path
Line 12: mica and driftwood
Line 16: wing
Line 18: To achieve
Line 19: By dauntless and inconquerable

Line 1:

Octave refers to the number 8, in music term one octave is a range of notes however octave is a proper noun.

To achieve
By dauntless and inconquerable

This is a direct quote from a book. Let’s pull out the encyclopedia or dictionary.

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