Japanese Translation - Verse 12 Chicago - The Secret A Treasure Hunt

Japanese Translation
Verse 12 Chicago

Verse 12:

Line 1: M and B
Line 2: Congress R
Line 3: L
Line 7: The end of ten by thirteen
Line 13: rumble
Line 14: Brush
Line 15: Hush

Line 1:
M and B

These are the initials of two people. I asked Mr. Preiss what do these people do? Both of them are song composers. What composer is M referring to? What composer is B referring to?

Line 2:

Is the American version of parliament. But when I asked Mr. Preiss Congress is a proper noun.

Lines 2-3:

This R and L are also referring to people. According to Mr. Preiss R and L refers to one person and is a critical (important) politician.

Line 13:

Is the sound of rumbling but what does that mean…….

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