Japanese Translation
Verse 12 Chicago + outro

Line 14:

Mr. Preiss said something that would make me think that brush is referring to a painting

Line 15:

This means quiet but Mr. Preiss said one thing “place after quiet”.


This is the end of all the hints I received from Mr. Preiss. How was it? Did it help at all? Mr. Preiss gave special advice hint to Japanese readers. Before you go reading the poems, look at the pictures. Then, taking all of the numbers in the poems you can then put those numbers in and put them into different combinations and then you can join them to the picture and you will probably get a hint. And he said also keep in mind when this book was made in America in 1982 on November currently it is March 1983 and so far over 500 people have sent in solutions but none of them are correct. I want Japanese readers to think of the solutions and for the Japanese readers to solve the puzzles. According to Mr. Preiss, it was very difficult to make the puzzles. When Mr. Preiss was burying the treasures he had trouble getting past customs in Canada with digging equipment.

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  1. Joel

    Referencing this, “Before you go reading the poems, look at the pictures. Then, taking all of the numbers in the poems you can then put those numbers in and put them into different combinations and then you can join them to the picture and you will probably get a hint.”, I have this theory: What Preiss probably originally said was not “…numbers in the poems…” but likely he said “…figures in the poems…” which was mistranslated either from English to Japanese, or later mistranslated from Japanese into English, or even a little bit both ways. What Preiss was intending was to provide help in matching the correct poem to the correct picture via (1) poem ‘descriptive figures’ (tall grass, arms outstretched, etc.), and (2) those same items found in the Palencar paintings. This method would help prevent the next 500 solutions from all being incorrect.
    Can any Japanese/English translator help confirm or deny this theory of mine? Is it even modestly possible?

    • Gita

      That’s a reasonable hypothesis, but the Japanese says 数字, which means “numbers” as in “numerals.” … huh. Do all of the verses have arabic numerals in them?

      … no, they don’t, so it must mean numbers written in numerals or spelled out. Hmm.

      (Technically, some places might still translate it as “figures,” but it 100% means the old-fashioned meaning, like “facts and figures.”)

      Your thinking is definitely reasonable, especially since some of the translations here are a bit iffy, but I can’t see this specific hypothesis working. Still, what an interesting hint, especially as I would’ve assumed that if he were to hint about numbers, it would’ve been about the latitude/longitude in the pictures.

      There’s definitely something significant in that hint!

      • Joel

        Hi Gita, thanks for your response. I submitted my response to yours, but did not put it in the reply section. See it below this reply.

  2. Joel

    Hi Gita, and thanks for your response. I have tried unsuccessfully to find a mathematical way to match a verse to a picture. However, I will offer my matches, and the process I used to arrive at these matches: The book says on page 47 (not a numbered page, but right before the verses page 48); “Wed one picture With one verse…Goodness first”. The book does not tell you how to do this, but it appears to me to be a matter of finding a description in a verse, and then matching that up to the described figure in a picture. The verse description location, top, middle, or bottom, usually matches a similar location in the picture. The only verse that does not seem to work like that is the Verse 2, picture 9 matchup which simply uses the Litany of the Jewels to do the matchup using ‘Gnomes’. Using this method, I have:
    v1 – pic2 (Line 8 “No lion fears”),
    v2 – pic9 (L11, “Gnomes admire” – using the Litany to connect to the Dutch, pic9 is a ‘Dutch Masters’ type painting),
    v3 – pic11 (L12, “Feel at home”),
    v4 – pic4 (L13, “Seek the columns”),
    v5 – pic1 (L8, “Citadel in the night”),
    v6 – pic3 (this is one of the easiest ones to see, L14, “Between two arms extended”),
    v7 – pic8 (L4, “High posts are three”),
    v8 – pic10 (probably my fav; L3, “At a distance in time”, and L5, “At a distance in space” [these two lines are a perfect description of juggling]),
    v9 – pic6 (L14, “Over the tall grass”),
    v10 – pic12 (L12, “…3 Vols.”),
    v11 – pic7 (L9, “After circle and square”),
    v12 – pic5 (L9, “Fence and fixture”).

  3. Joel

    I think I may have discovered the description match for v2. This should complete the pattern for all 12:

    V2 – pic9 (L4, “From end to end”) referring to the ends of the coat (sleeves)

  4. Patrick McConnell

    I haven’t bought the Book but I saw on the wanna b Indiana Jones show on Discovery and he had a Army and I have the The Uncanny to remember #s and I believe that If you aren’t going to be using both books then 11 is 4 Ya n I plan to Start when Stitches out and hope by a Month after my Bday – a few Days cause I have to take care of Moms and I will do the math. Long n Long n a vary of a few more. The isle of B is known to me and was named differently During the making of the man made isle n also member Manhattan south is also human being n not like all those shells and garage wound Up there. I just hope it s still by the Museum and close to where I really could Use it. But I know everyone is making it hard n it’s A book 4 teenage to college and the 2 Books together is a backway in. I noticed that the kids knew the 2 important necessitys n same with the guys 20 years ago and unless you have a not only people writing what to say n able to hire who n what U want then I will leave that alone n watch the Hilarious Chubby man whose shows are entertaining and I don’t think it wise to go all out. Those Kids 40 yrs ago had it in a week n guess what they only used a few of the final clues and I pray that the Box is still there and under concrete NP. Cause I don’t know about U but usually a couple ways at it. N it’s not on the isle towards Staten Island cause… Man those kids from Chinatown ai Believe were 14 so much has changed n that is the best thing to worry about. Cause I ll do calculations but I think that it’s not on SI like some people think cause U r im in a area where there’s no access legally n the water table is not far down. Fyi or I can b lying but I think it is safe by the Bull and I have to get my luck and pic b4. N I’ll do all nathe n if I member it said 11 correct n it said 2 hours b4 right n what museum right there is open at 9. SI Ferry ⛴️ have 2 Avv n rear motors n the whirring especially with the vehicles were allowed was impossible to hear if out of the car. So let’s get it NY. N then we got 8 more. 9 mil will get my y Ma back to a decent form and I mean a 9th 9f it or 18th of it if we go 20 but 2 many cooks. N 3rd time reading n haven’t heard some of the ideas I had n I prefer to read n map 1st and measure the probability n leave that in who wants it n I rather do this for 2 years of my Mother at herself and I know those Nootropics( buy heavy in the market)


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