Japanese Translation - Verse 12 Chicago + outro - The Secret A Treasure Hunt

Japanese Translation
Verse 12 Chicago + outro

Line 14:

Mr. Preiss said something that would make me think that brush is referring to a painting

Line 15:

This means quiet but Mr. Preiss said one thing “place after quiet”.


This is the end of all the hints I received from Mr. Preiss. How was it? Did it help at all? Mr. Preiss gave special advice hint to Japanese readers. Before you go reading the poems, look at the pictures. Then, taking all of the numbers in the poems you can then put those numbers in and put them into different combinations and then you can join them to the picture and you will probably get a hint. And he said also keep in mind when this book was made in America in 1982 on November currently it is March 1983 and so far over 500 people have sent in solutions but none of them are correct. I want Japanese readers to think of the solutions and for the Japanese readers to solve the puzzles. According to Mr. Preiss, it was very difficult to make the puzzles. When Mr. Preiss was burying the treasures he had trouble getting past customs in Canada with digging equipment.

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