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You are cordially invited to send in your own sightings of the Fair People. The creatures, whose descendants you have just met, may be found in city or country, indoors or out, day or night, in summer’s heat or winter’s frost. It is up to you to find them, describe them and, if you are quick enough or clever enough, to send us a photograph or illustration of them at play.

IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING TEXT: The form provided to you at right contains all the information you need to know. Once you have spotted a creature—or having had it described to you by another, perhaps younger member of your family—determine the category into which this Fair Person falls. The categories, as used herein, include: SOCIAL, HOUSEHOLD, CULTURAL, PERSONAL, POLITICAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, REGIONAL, INFORMATIONAL and ECONOMIC. The appropriate category should be entered.

Next, determine the name of your Fair Person. If you have not actually talked to the creature, you may have to make up both its common and formal name (THE PHILHARMONIC ORC is the common name; Cacophonous gloriosus is the formal name). This should then be entered on the page.

The Range, Habits, History and Spotters Tips for the Fair Person should then be described. If the space on the form is insufficient, one additional piece of paper in the same size as the form may be used. (Typewritten or printed descriptions, only.) If you are submitting art with your text, check the appropriate box.

Pictures of the Fair People may be submitted as illustrations or photographs. You may submit a photograph or illustration without text. However, you must include a suggested name for your creature in the space provided on the facing page.
NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE RETURNED. We advise you to send only copies of any photograph or illustration. Do not send original sculptures. All copies should be no larger than 8½ x 11 inches.

Sightings describing the most interesting, humorous or beautiful creatures will be selected for use in the next edition of The Secret; and those who describe them will be credited in that book. You will be notified by mail if your sighting has been selected, and at that time we will request the original art or photograph for use in the book.

On the back of the facing page is a form to be signed and returned with your sighting.

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  1. Ruben Russi

    Ignorus pollyanus : tom mc call water front park ( Portland ) fort belle fountain ( Missouri rivers ) and the Swedish cottage marionette theatre ( central park )

  2. Ruben Russi

    Obvious ogre : microbiologist and herbicida

  3. Ruben Russi

    Realty tv ghost : Richie rich series 2015


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