40th Anniversary Hunt
Arthur Scheijde

The anniversary hunt is a puzzle designed by the late Arthur Scheijde which he hoped would honor the dedication and craftsmanship of the artists who worked on The Secret. It was his hope that this would be an homage, not to the puzzle itself, but to it’s creators.
Arthur Scheijde passed away shortly after it’s release.

George Ward

Guy with shovel








“The casque with the treasure is obviously buried in a safe place. It is still not the intention of the Fair People to destroy the beauty of nature or Man through their challenge, nor to get treasure hunters in any sort of danger. Getting there is safe. If you found a place that has unsafe features, you haven’t found the site. so, not in or near any life-threatening locations such as highway embankments, nor contaminated areas, nor active train tracks, nor in cemeteries. It’s not in any public or private flower bed, nor on property owned by the hunt makers (neither this one, nor the original ones), or their families or friends. – The Chicago casque was buried in a safe public park, with a fence between the park and train tracks. – The Cleveland casque was found in a public city garden. – The Boston casque was found in a public playing field. Each of those locations was only accessible to pedestrians. This one is buried similarly safe. Note the mention of permission in the verse. No authority would give you permission to dig unsafe or go to a site via unsafe places. So: it can’t be in an unsafe place.”

Arthur Scheijde

Puzzle Creator

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