Season 2, Episode 4

An Evening with
Kit Palencar


by The secret Podcast | An Evening with Kit Palencar

In this episode we talk to Kit Palencar about the creation of the Tribute Treasure hunt. How he got started, how he created the painting, and what’s coming in the future. Will there be a new painting? Will everything change? Will it ever be found? 

Hosts & Guests

George Ward

Brett Zingler

Cole May

Kit Palencar

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1 Comment

  1. Candee Courtney

    I am trying to report that I have located the whereabouts of no less than four of the 12 casques, and know where the 13th is also. I have yet to arrange a dig.

    I am 200% positive I have broken most of the code.

    Could someone please call, email, or text me? Thanks!

    Candee Courtney
    [email protected]


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