Season 04 Episode 05

An Evening with Cole May

DID THE JJP INTERVIEW FINALLY RELEASE?!?!?! no. This is an interview with podcast host Cole May. Awhile back Cole started a tradition of recording single episodes talking with a single person about what drew them into the hunt, and their experiences along the way. Cole started the ‘Evening with’ series, and its only fitting that he should have his own.


transcipt coming soon

Hosts & Guests

George Ward
Cole May




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  1. Eric

    I know where the Florida treasure is. I can prove. Will deposit 100 $ in escrow in ur account. If I’m wrong u keep as a donation. But I’m not wrong. Get a pillow put it on the floor. Cause when ur jaw drops U will need it. The treasure is not in Florida. U can’t argue my solve. There’s no room for interpretation. I have submitted my solve to New York. On Jan Jan 1 2023. They received on 3 rd. I’m waiting to hear back. Everyone is using the wrong verse. 931 329 0456. I assure u. It’s gonna hurt. When u see how simple. Looking forward to talking with George. Please call me. My excitement is Un containable. I’ve been trying to reach Josh gates through cameo. For over a week. Thx Eric.


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