The Secret Podcast

So… a bit of a primer is in order

Back in 1982 a man named Byron Priess decided it would be a good idea to publish a treasure hunt. He spent a year or so traveling around the country, burying small ceramic boxes two feet underground. He wrote a few poems, and had a friend of his paint some images. The goal was to get the reader to match a poem with a verse, produce a treasure map of sorts, then go dig up the treasures.
He thought it would be easy.
40 years later we are finding out he was wrong.

So far two treasures have been found. One in Chicago, and one in Cleveland… so at least we know they are real. That’s about all we know for sure.

This project started with Byron recruiting a bunch of his friends. Sean and Ted to write some descriptions of strange creatures that Byron’s friend JoEllen sculpted out of clay and cloth, which were photographed by his childhood friend Ben. Then Byron’s friends John Palencar, John Pirrard, and Overton Loyd made a bunch of images with the sole purpose of confusing the shit out of us.

The project was created by a community of friends, and it is my opinion that a community of friends is the only way to solve it.

The goal of this website is to combine ALL the avalible information on The Secret, in an open and transparent medium, so that the community as a whole, may be able to solve the remaining ten.

Good luck everyone. Party on.

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Sta Dig with Stercox

two 6×6 areas dug to 3 ft.
Dig by Stercox and Burnstyle

Sta Cannon excavation

Entire area excavated 6 inches from boarders, down 2 1/2 feet. Be careful, power, sewer, cable lines run from poles through area and along magnolia. Dig done with permission from FOY and owner of house on myrtle.
Dig by Burnstyle

Sta Cornell Senator

Dug by Josh Cornell… for some reason.
Cops were called. Dig incomplete

Sta Magnola Gpr

Entire stretch of magnolia along the Fountain of Youth was ran over with a GPR, many pipes, pipe fragments and wires were found. No treasure though.
Dig by George, James Renner, Brian, Andy, and Josh Gates

Sta EU 1

Entire area from planetarium to fence and from walkway to wall GPR’d. Pipe fragments were found.
Dig by Brian, Andy, and Josh Gates

outside of Planetarium also dug by Stercox

Sta EU 2

Base of marker dug by Brian, Andy, and Josh Gates

Sta parking lot GPR

entirety of parking area from green fence to wall, and from wall to shoreline GPR’d

Dig by George and Matt

Sta FOY Entrance

Bathroom area and exit of park, both inside and outside were dug by James Renner, Brian, Andy, George and Josh Gates.


From the cannon to bench, then between the benches, then back to the trees. Then around the capstan. The the benches on the other side of the capstan…. basically the whole east side fo the park has been dug or GPR’ed

Nola dig

This is where fragments were found

Manteo 1

The whole theater area sits on concrete that is about 1 foot below the topsoil. Stop fucking up the theater.

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