Of all the romance retold
Men of tales and tunes
Cruel and bold
Seen here
By eyes of old
Stand and listen to the birds
Hear the cool, clear song of water
Harken to the words:
Freedom at the birth of a century
Or May 1913
Edwin and Edwina named after him
Or on the eighth a scene
Where law defended
Between two arms extended
Below the bar that binds
Beside the long palm’s shadow
Embedded in the sand
Waits the Fair remuneration
White house close at hand.

American Page / Japanese Page
Charleston Facebook Group

Fortress north
Cold as glass
Friendship south
Take your task
To the number
Nine eight two
Through the wood
No lion fears
In the sky the water veers
Small of scale
Step across
Perspective should not be lost
In the center of four alike
Small, split,
Three winged and slight
What we take to be
Our strongest tower of delight
Falls gently
In December night
Looking back from treasure ground
There’s the spout!
A whistle sounds.

American Page / Japanese Page

At the place where jewels abound
Fifteen rows down to the ground
In the middle of twenty-one
From end to end
Only three stand watch
As the sound of friends
Fills the afternoon hours
Here is a sovereign people
Who build palaces to shelter
Their heads for a night!
Gnomes admire
Fays delight
The namesakes meeting
Near this site.

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Solved – Boston, Massachusetts

If Thucydides is
North of Xenophon
Take five steps
In the area of his direction
A green tower of lights
In the middle section
Near those
Who pass the coliseum
With metal walls
Face the water
Your back to the stairs
Feel at home
All the letters
Are here to see
Eighteenth day
Twelfth hour
Lit by lamplight
In truth, be free.

American Page / Japanese Page

Two twenty two
You’ll see an arc of lights
Weight and roots extended
Together saved the site
Of granite walls
Wind swept halls
Citadel in the night
A wingless bird ascended
Born of ancient dreams of flight
Beneath the only standing member
Of a forest
To the south
White stone closest
At twelve paces
From the west side
Get permission
To dig out.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Cleveland, Ohio

Beneath two countries
As the road curves
In a rectangular plot
Beneath the tenth stone
From right to left
Beneath the ninth row from the top
Of the wall including small bricks
Seven steps up you can hop
From the bottom level
Socrates, Pindar, Apelles
Free speech, couplet, birch
To find casques destination
Seek the columns
For the search.

American Page / Japanese Page

At stone wall’s door
The air smells sweet
Not far away
High posts are three
Education and Justice
For all to see
Sounds from the sky
Near ace is high
Running north, but first across
In jewel’s direction
Is an object
Of Twain’s attention
Giant pole
Giant step
To the place
The casque is kept.

American Page / Japanese Page

View the three stories of Mitchell
As you walk the beating of the world
At a distance in time
From three who lived there
At a distance in space
From woman, with harpsichord
Silently playing
Step on nature
Cast in copper
Ascend the 92 steps
After climbing the grand 200
Pass the compass and reach
The foot of the culvert
Below the bridge
Walk 100 paces
Southeast over rock and soil
To the first young birch
Pass three, staying west
You’ll see a letter from the country
Of wonderstone’s hearth
On a proud, tall fifth
At its southern foot
The treasure waits.

American Page / Japanese Page

The first chapter
Written in water
Near men
With wind rose
Behind bending branches
And a green picket fence
At the base of a tall tree
You can still hear the honking
Shell, limestone, silver, salt
Stars move by day
Sails pass by night
Even in darkness
Like moonlight in teardrops
Over the tall grass
Years pass, rain falls.

Acrostic: SELOY
American Page / Japanese Page

In the shadow
Of the grey giant
Find the arm that
Extends over the slender path
In summer
You’ll often hear a whirring sound
Cars abound
Although the sign
Speaks of Indies native
The natives still speak
Of him of Hard word in 3 Vols.
Take twice as many east steps as the hour
Or more
From the middle of one branch
Of the v
Look down
And see simple roots
In rhapsodic mans soil
Or gaze north
Toward the isle of B.

American Page / Japanese Page

Pass two friends of octave
In December
Ride the man of oz
To the land near the window
There’s a road that leads to
Dark forest
Where white is in color
With two maps
After circle and square
In July and August
A path beckons
To mica and driftwood
Under that
Which may be last touched
Or first seen standing
Look north at the wing
And dig
To achieve
By dauntless and inconquerable
Your goal.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Chicago Illinois

Where M and B are set in stone
And to Congress, R is known
L sits and left
Beyond his shoulder
Is the Fair Folks’
Treasure holder
The end of ten by thirteen Is your clue
Fence and fixture
Central too
For finding jewel casque
Seek the sounds
Of rumble
Brush and music

American Page / Japanese Page

Episode 11 - Charleston

by JM, George, Kit Palencar | The Secret Podcast

Image 2 / Verse 6: Charleston 
Painting Name: Unknown
Painting Inspired by: Unknown
Latatude Longitude 32/33 – 79/80
Month: April
Birthstone: Diamond
Time: 4 o’clock
Flower: Daisy
Nation: Africa
Line tying verse to image: None
Litany quote: “Africa’s Diamond, earth-born star, Bright harvest of the midnight rock
Parks Department: Charleston Parks Conservatory 
Official Contact: Contact Page
Dig Status: Submit a request via the website

Period Maps courtesy of James Watson – These files are huge.
Charleston 1986 1 of 2 – 19Mb
Charleston 1986 1 of 2 – 17Mb

Japanese Keywords and HInts:
Line 1: romance
Line 2: Men of tales and tunes
What kind of men are these? The word romance is there but does not think of it literally. In Japan, we think of romance as being a romantic story or two people that love each other, however, that is not the case. In middle ages Europe…….

Line 3: Cruel and bold
Line 9: Freedom at the birth of a century
This is referring to a specific century’s birth. Which century is it? That will give you a hint.

Line 10: May 1913
Open up your history textbooks to May 1913, what happened in May 1913?

Line 11: Edwin and Edwina
Line 14: two arms extended
Line 15: Bar that binds
The arm that it is talking about, what angle do you put it in? It is difficult to give a hint for this one but arm bar bodies to join together or connect then that means the bar needs to be something that can bind.
Line 19: White house
Is it referring to The White House or a white house? If you put The on it, it becomes the home where the
American President lives, or if you put A in front of it is it just a house that’s white? Because there is no The or A which one is it?

Stephen Bryant’s Focus Crop
”secret charleston focus crop

Common Verse Matches to City

Edwin and Edwina named after him

Common Maps or City Name in Image

Japanese Pages


  1. Fran

    To me, this verse doesn’t go with Charleston but with New York. Researching Charleston, nothing fits.

  2. tracy sutton

    verse 5 is the Charleston verse

  3. Canuck

    Kinderguardians is the Fair Folk match for this image, less clear is which verse matches…5 or 6 being the most likely.
    One definite match to Charleston in the Kinderguardians image is the dynamite. Dynamite Hole is a fishing hotspot off the coast of Charleston.
    Another match is the multi-coloured patches on the Kinderguardian and the Lion in the image. Any ideas on the significance?
    The shape under the lions right eye and the right ear of the Kinderguardian also appear to match and be significant to the puzzle. Is it an ostrich feather and therefore support for the Osceola/Fort Moultrie/Verse 5 solve?

  4. Ruth VanderMeulen

    Could you see the oblesk at Washington Park 40 years ago through the outstretched arms at Whit Point Park? The oblesk is a replica of the one in Washington D. C. which is near the White House.

  5. Douglas Curtin

    Hi I worked at White Point gardens for seven years and I have found exclusive evidence. I have reliable information no else has. I just want a chance to tell the people about my investigation into the secret and my theory to the solution. I was present for the dig in Charleston with expedition unknown, spoke with staff and personally witnessed every spot they dug at. Thank you

    • burnstyle

      Feel free to tell us.

      • Douglas Curtin

        I would be interested in speaking with you through email or phone. I have found the physical counterparts to the objects in the Charleston image/verse. The lion, fairy, long palm shadow, the location, and more.

        I have pictures, and or verified info that these objects were in the direct vicinity of the park in 1981.
        These objects have now been replaced or moved and due to my former job, I had direct access to them.
        Ironically, It was my job to keep people away from them. These objects have lead me to what I believe is the way to decode the puzzles/verses.

        I was a spectator at the Expedition Unknown Charleston dig and saw them dig 25 holes, relentlessly probe/GPR the entire east side of the park and hit all the best spots, including that highly regarded spot near the capstan.

        It is my intention to become a respected hunter among the community and I would like to have a chance to prove myself, answer questions, and present my theory on your show.

        If you are interested email me at [email protected] and I will happily share some proof with you. Thank you for your time.

  6. jd

    YES it has been moved but NO it was in the same place since the day it was placed there by the MAN himself.

  7. Funky Fresh

    I believe using couplets are one of the many keys. For example:
    Harken to the words:

    Seen here By eyes of old Of all the romance retold.
    Men of tales and tunes Cruel and bold.

    Edwin and Edwina named after him, Where law defended
    Below the bar that binds, Between two arms extended

    Hear the cool, clear song of water Or on the eighth a scene
    Freedom at the birth of a century Or May 1913

    Stand and listen to the birds, White house close at hand
    Beside the long palm’s shadow Embedded in the sand

    I hope this makes people chuckle, even just a little.

    • Jessica

      I keep seeing that people think Edwin and Edwina refer to Edward Blyden, but I can’t find anything on him that suggests he had twins. However, there was a very famous Edwin Harleston, born in Charleston 1882 and became a painter. Many of his paintings are on display in Charleston. If he was so famous, I’m sure children could have been named after him. Just another thought…

  8. Amanda Briggs

    Looking at your reference box above, I believe you mean to have Image 2, Verse 6 🙂

  9. Cody R

    Just some thoughts I had as I was listening to the Charleston episode of the podcast while looking at the image and riding out the COVID stuff going on everywhere.

    Does the number 436 (or any combo of those numbers) have any significance to Charleston? When you click the “32” hyperlink in the Latitude Longitude information on this page it displays a close up showing 32. I understand that the 2 can be seen as upside down, however, I can also see a 6. It could be both? When I look at it more, I see a 5 leading into the top of the 3. Maybe there is some significance to any combination of the numbers 23456 found in that little cluster?

    Another thing is when I look at the fairy’s wings I see the little circles (about 8 of them) inside. Those remind me of the sealed ends of the cannons in the park. Maybe that has some significance?

    Like I said, just some thoughts I had while listening to the podcast and trying to distract myself from the COVID coverage! They may have already been discussed and dismissed. If that’s the case, my apologies.

  10. Roy

    Did somebody did on the beach in 2018. There is a marker on the beach. Does anyone know?

  11. Eric

    Food for thought. I am new to this but in my opinion the African Mask appears to look like a dual parking meter. Under the eye there appears to be 3 different coin size selections, for a nickle, dime and quarter. Could this be in reference to the line, Waits the Fair remuneration. Maybe this has already been stated but just seems to match up with the old style dual parking meters. Is there any parking meters in any of the proposed treasure locations?

    • Pelimatti

      I believe you are correct! Also the last line “White house close at hand” has clear meaning to this; what do you have in your hands when you are using parking meters? Wallet, which includes dollar bills, which have a “white house” printed on them. Does anyone know the location of the dual parking meters aroung the white point garden in 80s? I am especially interested on the west side of the park.

  12. Michael cox

    I honestly believe I know exactly where the Charleston casque is buried, I figured it out a few months ago, unfortunately I live in Texas and do not have a way to check the location myself and was wandering if anyone on this site could help me. After reading the posts and listening to the podcast, there are a lot of very important clues you guys are either misinterpreting or overlooking all together, I can explain all the details down to the exact location. I would post my solve here, but like most treasure hunters I want credit for solving it. If anyone is interested PLEASE contact me and I can explain everything, I promise you will be glad you did. Thank you

    • Dan Atha

      Michael, I live in Charleston and just stumbled on this whole thing. I’m in no way a treasure hunter. I have some free time due to the lockdown and would be happy to investigate for you. I will need to bring my 5 year old daughter…

    • Duncan Zanie

      Hello Michael,

      My name is Duncan and I am visiting family friends outside of Charleston and I am devoted to finding this treasure. My colleague and I are going to the park tomorrow to get a closer look at the clues and investigate some clues that we think were overlooked. Would love to get into contact with you and discuss matters concerning the clues at the park.

    • Georgie C

      Hello there,
      In Texas eh? I’m actually from Houston….did research on the Houston treasure….They’re looking in the wrong area.

      I’ve been researching the North Carolina one as well…I’m sure i know where it is…haven’t gotten to it yet. and permission of course.

      I live in Raleigh and can get to Roanoke in 3 hours and Charleston in 4 to 5.

      send me an email…we can go from there
      [email protected]

      • melissa gandy

        I live in Selma NC and have been looking for the one at Roanake. I think i know where it is but to go there might be a pain. National Forest and all

  13. Fung Chi

    Patriots point navel museum. 4 guns north of building. Split the bottom two and move to 4 o’clock (12 facing west) you end up behind the bar that binds. The image everyone mistakes for Ft Sumter – two guns for eyes, the mouth is the parking lot. There are palms across the lot but the lot itself with painted parking spaces could resemble a palm. Lat/lon 32.791212 -79.905732. Dont think that is the exact dig spot, probably across the lot from it. White house may be structure at north side of lot. Perhaps clues there. Good luck, Fung Chi

  14. Fung Chi

    The grassy median entering the parking lot of Patriots Point Museum is where the casque will be found. There are two poles (arms extended) the sign is the bar that binds. White house is at other end of median. Based on the way numbers are paired (thus the pear) I figure the casque to be near the sign. Lat/lon 32.792873. -79.905073.


    I have a possible solution that maybe way out there but feel it’s at least reviewing. I think the casque is located. I am willing to share my thoughts as I am unable to travel to the specific location and looking for someone who’d be able to search in Miami.

    • Ayla Hourigan

      I live in Florida it about a hour drive to Miami

  16. Mike

    Hello everyone, i live in Texas. I posted on here about a year ago. I believe I have solved the Charleston casque location down to the exact spot, but am unable to find someone with the means or the know how to dig it up. I got a reply but they were unable to come up with a way to check the location, so I’m posting again hoping to find someone who can help figure out a way to dig up the casque, I can explain in detail exactly where it is located to whoever can help, thanks.

  17. Chris Davies

    Charlton Heston was the star in a movie called “the greatest story ever told”

    • Chris Davies

      His name is similar, was in more than 100 movies many romance genre. Gotta keep in mind the lines and images are clues, not always fact

  18. Margaret S

    Hi George, As I continue to read ,listen, and search for help with answers, I end up with a mess of browser tabs, and then forget where I started…sound familiar?… So, I too,(haha) think I know where “Charleston” is located. My problem is, I live in Virginia, and I just can’t take a trip alone and leave my family and job to go poking around without proper permission, or fear of underground power lines.
    Every person who has consumed their life with these puzzles, are selfishly territorial, with their clues…stands to reason…You do not want to share the “spot”, and then someone dig it up and reap the rewards.
    So my question and or suggestion is: Are there local contacts, in each city, that are helping others probe? and have “legal city” contacts to do so. I know that is a lot to ask someone for their help, but I feel everyone wants these casks to be found. Also, I am sure each city would, as well.
    After 40 years, I am amazed at the craziness… am one, too. My Charleston location, is logical, whimsical, with history of the city, as intended by Byron and JJP, in 1982. Others have been wrong, and I may be, as well….but would like a shot at it. You seem like the most logical, honest, person that I have come across in my internet rabbit hole. I would love to share my thoughts with you, or someone you can recommend. I promise, to share in my triumph.
    Thanking you, in advance

  19. Chris

    Was just thinking that the men of tales and tunes would be “sailors”
    That’s the word repeated in the poem from treasure island but not here. And the Japanese hint asks who these men are?
    Idk if it helps lead anywhere or if it’s so obvious others have already mentioned…

    • Chris

      Also, anyone else think it’s strange that the pair is growing on a branch that is definitely not from a pear tree?

  20. brianna

    this entire riddle is talking about the harleston family.
    a successfull black family in the south. Specifically mentioning Edwin gaillard harleston (1858-1931)
    Whom his son Edwin Agustus Harelson was named after and Edwina . Edwin A Harlestons Niece whom he adopted and changed her name to Edwina in honor of him. The white house they are talking about could be the house Edwin G Harlestons father purchased ” They settled in Edwin Gailliard’s family home on Laurel Street. The house had been purchased by Edwin Gaillard’s own father, a white plantation owner named William Harleston” –

    The romance being mentioned is the romantic relationship between the Edwin G Harlestons Father and mother. (father White , Mother of color)

    now Edwin A Harleston , some info on him “Edwin Augustus Harleston (March 14, 1882 – May 10, 1931)[1] was an American artist and founding president of the Charleston, South Carolina, branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.”

    when they talk about two arms extended, below the bar it binds…. they are talking about Edwin G. Harelstons father William Harleston ( white ) and mother , kate ( of color ) unable able to marry due to the laws (bar) . They were still binded in “marriage ” in their own sense but not by law.

    when they talk about ” birth at the century of freedom” they are talking about Edwin A , his mother, the descendent of four generations of free African-American

    we need to be looking for some kind of memorial and painting that is connected to this family. The ENTIRE riddle is around this family.


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