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The first chapter
Written in water
Near men
With wind rose
Behind bending branches
And a green picket fence
At the base of a tall tree
You can still hear the honking
Shell, limestone, silver, salt
Stars move by day
Sails pass by night
Even in darkness
Like moonlight in teardrops
Over the tall grass
Years pass, rain falls.

Acrostic: SELOY
American Page / Japanese Page
St. Augustine Facebook Group

Fortress north
Cold as glass
Friendship south
Take your task
To the number
Nine eight two
Through the wood
No lion fears
In the sky the water veers
Small of scale
Step across
Perspective should not be lost
In the center of four alike
Small, split,
Three winged and slight
What we take to be
Our strongest tower of delight
Falls gently
In December night
Looking back from treasure ground
There’s the spout!
A whistle sounds.

American Page / Japanese Page

At the place where jewels abound
Fifteen rows down to the ground
In the middle of twenty-one
From end to end
Only three stand watch
As the sound of friends
Fills the afternoon hours
Here is a sovereign people
Who build palaces to shelter
Their heads for a night!
Gnomes admire
Fays delight
The namesakes meeting
Near this site.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Cleveland, Ohio

Beneath two countries
As the road curves
In a rectangular plot
Beneath the tenth stone
From right to left
Beneath the ninth row from the top
Of the wall including small bricks
Seven steps up you can hop
From the bottom level
Socrates, Pindar, Apelles
Free speech, couplet, birch
To find casques destination
Seek the columns
For the search.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Boston, Massachusetts

If Thucydides is
North of Xenophon
Take five steps
In the area of his direction
A green tower of lights
In the middle section
Near those
Who pass the coliseum
With metal walls
Face the water
Your back to the stairs
Feel at home
All the letters
Are here to see
Eighteenth day
Twelfth hour
Lit by lamplight
In truth, be free.

American Page / Japanese Page

Two twenty two
You’ll see an arc of lights
Weight and roots extended
Together saved the site
Of granite walls
Wind swept halls
Citadel in the night
A wingless bird ascended
Born of ancient dreams of flight
Beneath the only standing member
Of a forest
To the south
White stone closest
At twelve paces
From the west side
Get permission
To dig out.

American Page / Japanese Page

Of all the romance retold
Men of tales and tunes
Cruel and bold
Seen here
By eyes of old
Stand and listen to the birds
Hear the cool, clear song of water
Harken to the words:
Freedom at the birth of a century
Or May 1913
Edwin and Edwina named after him
Or on the eighth a scene
Where law defended
Between two arms extended
Below the bar that binds
Beside the long palm’s shadow
Embedded in the sand
Waits the Fair remuneration
White house close at hand.

American Page / Japanese Page

At stone wall’s door
The air smells sweet
Not far away
High posts are three
Education and Justice
For all to see
Sounds from the sky
Near ace is high
Running north, but first across
In jewel’s direction
Is an object
Of Twain’s attention
Giant pole
Giant step
To the place
The casque is kept.

American Page / Japanese Page

View the three stories of Mitchell
As you walk the beating of the world
At a distance in time
From three who lived there
At a distance in space
From woman, with harpsichord
Silently playing
Step on nature
Cast in copper
Ascend the 92 steps
After climbing the grand 200
Pass the compass and reach
The foot of the culvert
Below the bridge
Walk 100 paces
Southeast over rock and soil
To the first young birch
Pass three, staying west
You’ll see a letter from the country
Of wonderstone’s hearth
On a proud, tall fifth
At its southern foot
The treasure waits.

American Page / Japanese Page

In the shadow
Of the grey giant
Find the arm that
Extends over the slender path
In summer
You’ll often hear a whirring sound
Cars abound
Although the sign
Speaks of Indies native
The natives still speak
Of him of Hard word in 3 Vols.
Take twice as many east steps as the hour
Or more
From the middle of one branch
Of the v
Look down
And see simple roots
In rhapsodic mans soil
Or gaze north
Toward the isle of B.

American Page / Japanese Page

Pass two friends of octave
In December
Ride the man of oz
To the land near the window
There’s a road that leads to
Dark forest
Where white is in color
With two maps
After circle and square
In July and August
A path beckons
To mica and driftwood
Under that
Which may be last touched
Or first seen standing
Look north at the wing
And dig
To achieve
By dauntless and inconquerable
Your goal.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Chicago Illinois

Where M and B are set in stone
And to Congress, R is known
L sits and left
Beyond his shoulder
Is the Fair Folks’
Treasure holder
The end of ten by thirteen Is your clue
Fence and fixture
Central too
For finding jewel casque
Seek the sounds
Of rumble
Brush and music

American Page / Japanese Page

Image 6 / Verse 9: St. Augustine
Painting Name: Unknown
Painting Inspired by: Untitled by Salvador Dali (likely)
Latitude Longitude: 29 / 81
Month: September
Birthstone: Sapphire 
Time: 9 o’clock
Flower: Aster
Nation: Spain
Line tying verse to image: “At the base of a tall tree
Litany quote: “The Hadas of Iberia: Sapphire, shy as a wild field flower.
Parks Department: Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park
Official Contact: John Fraser
Dig Status: Mail or drop off a physical letter. John will contact you.
Fountain of Youth GPR map (red by George, Purple by EU)

Common Verse Matches to City
The First Chapter

Common Image Matches to City

Common Maps or City Name in Image

Japanese Keywords and HInts:
Line 1: first chapter
Line 4 : wind rose
Wind rose is referring to a nautical maneuver.
Line 5: bending branches
Line 6: green picket fence
Line 8: honking

Japanese Pages


  1. Jackie G.

    You need to contact the Seminole Tribal Authorities. Tribal land is governed by tribal law; you do not want to get caught on their land doing something illegal and when they are done with you the Federal government will prosecute you.

  2. Leilani Siplon

    Dean, any progress?

  3. Mel

    Hey. Listened to the St. Augustine podcast. I found a huge rock too, you posted an old picture of it on q4t. I want to make sure it isnt in the same spot the George GPRed so I dont waste my time but I can’t find anything on the Old Fountain of Youth. Do you know where that photo of the large rock you posted was originally taken. I cant imagine it being moved easily…

    • burnstyle

      Same rock. It’s been there for 60 years at least.

      I have gpr’d there.

      • Mel

        You happen to know when those branches where cut and how long this logs have been laying between the fence and the tree? Way too heavy and dense for me to try and move.

        • Burnstyle

          I’m not sure. The trees are constantly being trimmed, and other trees are constantly falling.

          They have been there a few years at least.

          • Mel

            I CANT let that area go :-/ its gonna be the death of me

            • Mel

              Hey, can u hook me up with a user status on the q4t site per chance?

            • burnstyle

              I cannot. sorry.

      • Chris Davies

        Not in st. Augustine. Wrong Conquistador. Everyone gotta remember that digging in a state park is illegal and it surely means not one of them is buried within one lol. Maybe just beyond a property line, but none will be buried within a state or national park I’d be willing to bet on it. The first 3 haven’t been, and the ones I’m getting setup to go dig up are all outside of any state or national park. People would have to be notified if he was to bury them in a park, and what would stop them from coming forward at this point?

    • shannon Webster-Brown

      I see an X under the conquistador does anyone else think that is significant?

  4. Biz

    Hello! Is there a specific company or person that I could contact to inquire about gpr? I have my theory and Mr. Fraser said the city is concerned about old lines. If I could get a contact to inquire about the process and pricing. I appreciate any information. Thank you!!

    • burnstyle

      Call Matt

      I think he charges about $250hr with a 4hr minimum. Or you can call 811 and have the city locate the lines for free.

      • Callavinna

        So. I believe image 6 belongs to Haystack Rock, Oregon

        I am the only person in the world who solved it in Oregon.

        Img 6/verse11

        That is Sacagewea and Mr. clark.
        Haystack Rock, Or
        Pacific Purple Asters
        Lewis and Clark National Forest.

  5. Canuck

    It’s been too quiet lately, time to generate some discussion.
    Back to the fair folk matches…
    So for St. Augustine the match is Werner Von Brownie.
    Named after Wernher von Braun, who was a pioneer of rocket technology.
    St. Augustine is not far from the “space coast” and you can see the rocket in the top right corner of the image.
    If you look just below the necktie you will see a capital “H”.
    This being the traditional map symbol for a hospital, I believe this is a reference to Hospital Creek (which is near the Fountain of Youth).
    Next the grass is the bottom right corner seems to spell out “FLA” for Florida.
    I found it very interesting that the figures had their eyes closed and the one was plugging his ears. My interpretation of this is that it’s a clue to the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (which not coincidentally is just north of the Fountain of Youth and along the top portion of Hospital Creek.
    The next clue is about halfway down the image on the left side in the grass. I see the number 1914, which would be a reference to the St. Augustine Fire of 1914.
    The end of the wick appears to have the number “31”. St. Augustine converted to Christianity at the age of 31.
    One more clue in the image that warrants further investigation and could be important. It is at the very bottom of the image about the mid-point. If you turn the image sideways you will notice a rooster. Maybe a reference to Taberna del Gallo? George any thoughts on this or any of these clues?

    At the very least the clues confirm St. Augustine Florida and the vicinity around the Fountain of Youth. Some of the other places people are looking in Florida are crazy, De Leon Springs State Park…those guys are so out to lunch!

    • burnstyle

      That fairy is generally associated with Houston as a nod to the children’s zoo. With the shuttle lifting off (and Houston being so tied to NASA), The H as you pointed out, and a gnome fountain in the park being named ‘Brownie’

      Here is a picture of brownie

      And here is a link to Brownie’s page on 12treasures, the links will allow the site to track whats being talked about and where… and let people go back and forth between discussions.
      Werner Von Brownie

      another interesting note it WVB wears the same shoes which are in the margins of the beginning og the book. Those shoes have a bird on them which is a match for an emblem at Hermann park.

  6. Pita

    I was wondering, the reference to the honking, could it be referring to the lighthouse? I look at the bottom left if the picture, and it reminds me of an outline of the canaveral launch pad and tower….the entire Rick looks like the profile of a Seminole Indian. The flag reminds me if the Indian river area….anyone ever check Merritt island area? The other so.ved puzzles seem to have contained spellings of the city, or literal pictures (mill walk key) Boston was spelled out just found this month. So, anyone find any letters? I hAve not found any words.

  7. Pita

    Why would Preiss put the treasure somewhere impossible to dig? The other solved locations have been in public parks

  8. mark

    I do believe this is the location. I think the “base of a tall tree” is what is throwing everyone off. We know now that he had to bury these in discreet locations, so it’s not in the middle of the park. I think the tall tree is not an actual tree, but the dock in the park. The bottom right of the painting says a lot. There is an island that doesn’t exist anywhere, but next to it is a tree that is way taller than the island, could be an overhead view of a dock. A dock is made of wood and kind of looks like a tree. It’s a discreet location. the Ponce character is facing away from the water. I think a good place to look is right at the end of the dock in the fountain of youth park


    Mark, you and most people say he had to bury in a discreet location. But the one found in Boston was under Home Plate on a baseball field. Not an easy location to dig up and then replace without being noticed. Nor for a searcher to try and recover either. Digging up home plate in a baseball park could get you in some trouble, maybe not with the police but others would not be happy with you. So who’s to say what he thought was discreet.

  10. Huffy

    The Space Shuttle only took of from Florida I think,Houston was the landing area,the picture shows a takeoff.

  11. Huffy

    I’m back,wanted to re-check my facts.

    All Shuttle launches were in Florida at the time the book was written,all the landings were in California at Edwards or New Mexico at White Plains.

    So in 1981-82 at the time of publishing there were 3 or 4 missions only that could be in the book.

    A creepy side note is the Challenger explosion,it was predicted in this book.

  12. Ronald Plenge

    What does the large figure of the hooded woman with the walking cane represent just above flowers and to the left?

  13. The Researchers

    hello. new to this. me and my classmates think this image could possibly be referring to the Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota. Just an idea. the face in the monument and the one in the image are similar. and the place where the gemstone is in the image could be like the hole in the mountain.

    • Jared

      Hey guys I live down here in Titusville fl where the space center is. I just found out about this hunt about a week ago but have found a lot of things I haven’t seen anyone talk about. I’m going to try making it to st Augustine soon to look around where I believe the casque to be. I started at the fountain of youth but I believe everyone is over thinking everything my solution seems so easy but I’m sure everyone’s does at first.

      • Terry Gilliam

        Make sure you guys are careful. I am 98.888888 percent sure I know exactly where it is or the 10ft X 10ft general vicinity. The issue is that yes he hurried at a Public Park but anything dug up in city limits on city property becomes the cities property. I called the city and they know about the hunt and maintain ownership of found on city property

  14. DB

    I’m going to spend the majority of my time on the St Augustine treasure as i know the area and go there quite a bit. Any hints or information you have would be fantastic. I have only recently found out about this hunt and keen to build a portfolio up of information. We will be filming and documenting evidence for TV purposes.


      Hi DB You have asked for any hints or info…But I don’t think what I am presenting will be what you hoped for. My own analysis of the Florida illustration has nothing at all to do with St Augustine. Firstly, with all the attention given to that area why has nothing been found so far? The Fountain of Youth Park is being devastated with seekers and the area is being destroyed. BIG SHAME! I have worked out that the location is much further north at Jacksonville. Too much has been attributed to the Spanish influx of peopleto Florida, but there was also a settlement on the St Johns river by Huguenots ( French Protestants) late 16th to early 17th century.
      The gem in the painting is not a SAPPHIRE associated with the Spanish, but a TURQUOISE belonging to the French. Their settlement was Fort Caroline before they were ousted by the dominant power of Spain. The figure on the horse at the top of the scene is not necessarily in Spanish Military dress. Check out pics of the French at that time. Very similar style. See that the figure is more dejected and stooping -Not a victorious triumphant conqueror. He has no weapons or armour. He is not even holding the flag which is stuck in the soil below the horse adjacent to the buried gem. BIG HINT to the location. The flag shape is an styalised outline of the St Johns river.
      I have found many other pointers which I will be happy to give you if you are sufficiently intrigued with this interpretation.

    • Barbara Timmons

      Hi DB, I started getting into this ‘ madness ‘ around April too. Having decided that I would not be too influenced by what earlier searchers had attached themselves to, I urged myself to seek a different way to find a clear path without being distracted with confusing drivel. There is a lot of ideas around which do nothing at all to direct a person to solving the puzzle. Surely if the Casque has not been found in St Augustine by now then I think it is clear that perhaps we should be searching elsewhere. Eventually I decided that another Verse was more suitable and it fitted well into my solution which directed me to some other Florida location – Jacksonville. The gem associated with the Spanish is a SAPPHIRE but I reckon the illustration clearly shows a TURQUOISE. Therefor the early settlers there was at a site on St Johns River. (The form of the flag has a likeness to that river. ) Fort Caroline was the place where the French were ousted by the Spanish. Using Verse ONE see how far you can get to find the location which I have found. Because of the travel restrictions with COVID 19 I am stuck in Scotland and can’t travel to USA, but I keep hoping that someone local, like yourself, might be inspired to have a go. With the method I use to analyse the pictures I have worked out locations in Houston – San Francisco and New Orleans. Still working on the others and getting close there. Good Luck.

  15. Shawn Smith

    I was looking at Warm Mineral Springs also a supposed fountain of youth.
    The silver I think is seniors retiring or visiting Florida. The spring in North Port Fl is tear shaped if you look at the aerial pictures.


    i don’t think this will help but i see a snake in the formation. maybe it has something to do with it.

  17. DBB

    I stumbled on to these clues only two weeks ago after I discovered a old friend had passed in St Augustine. During my research of their life there, I found these clues and started to follow the Internet videos and postings.

    As I learned about the other three discoveries, I rejected the claim that the Fountain of Youth was the location of the treasure. I agreed with The Johnson family assessment that it wouldn’t be hidden inside a gated, paid attraction.

    I also agreed that the clue to every location was the paintings.

    I was in conflict with one item though, and it was the use of the words PALM and TREES.

    There is no such thing as a palm tree. Palms are palms and this is a pure scientific term. Genetically trees and palms are so different that it is like saying a dolphin is a fish.

    So in this respect, I sort of disagree with The Johnson family but I might be wrong. Maybe the author of this book didn’t know that a palm was not a tree. Maybe the painting is more accurate than the words?

    I also believe the palm that they are pointing to in their picture is far too young. I’ve lived in Florida for over 50 years. I have seen all sizes and shapes of palms and the one they are speaking of could not have been there when the book was written. It is too young. I have three palms on my property and they are only 20 years old. They are they same height and thickness. I guess you could do radio carbon dating? There is a outside chance that maybe the original tree was removed and replaced? If so, it would be more likely that the ceramic has been removed and lost as crews digging it up might have thought it was some worthless junk.

    I know I’m new to this stuff, but it is fun. Too bad the author died and to bad that he decided to put them in public locations. The legality of the search really ruins the fun of the hunt.

  18. pjl

    I have just started my search so if this has been discussed I apologize. Does anyone see any significance that the rock has a reflection in the water but the palm tree does not?

    • Meggan

      I seen that and was talking to my husband and son about that. Very odd

  19. Jacob Sheffield

    I am brand new to the game but I have found a lot of really weird coincidences that seem to point in a different direction for St. Augustine. I think It may be under a palm tree in a completely different area of the park from where everyone thinks it is. Its simply a matter of orienting the painting to a map. The theory is crazy but there are way too many coincidences. I used to go to the park a lot as a Kid, though its been aboutt 15 years since Ive been, I imagine not much has changed. the painting shows everyhting we need to know, we just need to know where to look.

    • Jared

      What map are you talking about?

  20. Meggan

    Does anyone know if they had a playground back in the 80s?

  21. Adam Hicks

    Love reading every ones thoughts. My six year old son noticed many things. If its inside the park. He clued me in to a perfect spot. All clues seem to point there. Here’s some fun discoveries or thoughts. The image on the Spainards flag is concealing the Castillo De San Marcos. The wheel over it could represent the water wheel leading down the road to the park. Also the Mill top Restaurant on St George St has a Giant water wheel out front. Its directly across from the fort. Building in the way now. Look at the horses head. I also spot a dolphin in the bottom of the picture. Easily spotted in the intercoastal in back of the park. This is fun. Good luck everyone!!!

  22. Sandy

    if u notice where the rock sits u see the palm tree far away. but when u walk out to the rock u always feel the wind raise.the grass every morning has dew witch looks like tear drops.if u look at the painting the flowers one looks like the big cross at the church .so the only island looking out over the water has the same amount of trees.the water flows the same has in the painting.and aligators do roam that area.

  23. Ariamoon

    I am so fascinated with this adventure 😉

  24. Donna McCartney

    Ariamoon, I believe that this is the saddest of all the paintings because Ponce has turned his back on the magic of baseball. Indeed, a casket is portrayed in the heap below. I’ve visited this site with my husband and my heart broke. I don’t believe this casque is in FL. I believe it’s in GA.

    Once upon a time there was stream believed to have medicinal properties and was named the Fountain of Youth. This stream became a lake. But the lake was drained to make way for a baseball field. Babe Ruth visited and hit a home run striking a tree in center field. The baseball field has been demolished and in its place a shopping center stands and all that remains is this forgotten tree. As incredible and amazing as all this sounds, it’s all true. I stood on the roof of Ponce City Market and gazed at the hidden history below.

    I’d hate to injury the tree looking for buried treasure, so GPR is needed. I’m a person of limited means so I’ve written Josh Gates to see if he will help locate this casque. I’ll keep you posted.

  25. Barbara Timmons

    After so many unsuccessful years prowling around St Augustine maybe you should try somewhere else. My bet is on Jacksonville. Verse ONE makes a clearer solution starting with the first line — Fortress north ( Fort Caroline) …. In the sky the water veers (the flag is an outline of the St Johns River.) There are so many connections in the illustration which confirms it for me. Starting with the GEM which is not a SAPPHIRE but a TURQUOISE for the FRENCH connection. Good luck with your searching. I have found a possible location.

  26. Pratheep

    If we concentrate on painting we can find easily.

  27. Dee

    Possible new park in ST Augustine FL for #TheSecret Hunt
    ( Not Fountain Of Youth Park) Not sure if this areas been searched already. if interested in possible new search/dig site &you live in St Augustine area let me know. ( Via email or twitter ). I have a park where the poem matches just as good as fountain of youth park . I’m not from that area ,so I can’t place what this park looked like in the 80’s I need someone who knows this area well enough and What it looked like back in 80’s ..


    • Owen

      Hi Dee, I live in St. Aug and I would love to search a new possible dig site. How can I get in contact with you?

  28. Ryan

    Hi Dee,

    I live in St Augustine, and even though I feel I have a good feel for where it is, I am open minded enough to listen to anything. I was born and raised here as were my generations of family before me. My email address is [email protected]

  29. Steven Scott Gregorowich

    Lighthouse Park on Red Cox, this is my new interest, check out where St Augustine used to be before it was washed away from the ocean.

    • Christopher Pooler

      I agree with you about Lighthouse Park. Several clues I’ve noticed:
      In the park is a plague titled “Sentinels of the Coast”. What’s the picture of? A sentinel on the coast.
      It’s surmised that the latitude and longitude is 29 / 8, this park is at 29 / -81
      “Near men / With wind rose” refers to being near the coast and lighthouse, i.e. areas that would be popular with maritime men who would have need of a wind rose tool.
      “Behind bending branches / And a green picket fence” If you check the park on Google Maps, the trees are very distinctively bendy, and there’s a tennis court nearby which normal have green coverings on their fences (this might be a stretch because the fences don’t currently have them and I’m not sure of their status in the 80s)
      “At the base of a tall tree / You can still hear the honking” I think this “tall tree” is the lighthouse, and the honking could refer to either cars from the road or seagulls by the coast.
      “Shell, limestone, silver, salt” Again references to the coast, although silver I’m not sure of.
      “Sails pass by night / Even in darkness” Boats are able to pass in the night thanks to the lighthouse.
      I imagine a deeper analysis of the picture/words will reveal more clues.

  30. Steven Scott Gregorowich My suggestion for you all to watch, if I get allowed to do so, I posted several things that don’t get put through.

  31. Tommy

    I think there is some significance to the saddle color, or lack there of. We now know based on the painters telling on Expedition Unknown that the witch had the home plate on her clothing. It kind of blended in. Well this saddle has no color and blends into the horse. That shape, along with the colors on the riders hat, I believe might jump out to someone familiar with that area of Florida. Just started looking at the puzzle this week. Trying not to buy into the FOY theory and see something else in this.

  32. Tommy Patterson

    I believe the saddle having no color has significance. Just as the home plate blended into the witch’s clothing. This shape might mean something. The colors and shapes on the rider’s hat may also be of significance. Just started looking at this, this week. So if someone already posted these thoughts no worries.

    • Tommy Patterson

      Does anyone have any pictures of the obelisk area where the owner says they pulled up the jagged stone walkway and replaced it with concrete? Im interested in the stone placements.

  33. Erin

    Hi, I’m new to this and have been interested since seeing Josh Gates shows. I’m a complete novice but I’m thinking it’s something to do with the Lighthouse area.

  34. TD

    No updates on here for a year. Thought I’d pop in for an update. Heading over second week of February to check a spot. Wish me luck!


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