Fortress north
Cold as glass
Friendship south
Take your task
To the number
Nine eight two
Through the wood
No lion fears
In the sky the water veers
Small of scale
Step across
Perspective should not be lost
In the center of four alike
Small, split,
Three winged and slight
What we take to be
Our strongest tower of delight
Falls gently
In December night
Looking back from treasure ground
There’s the spout!
A whistle sounds.

American Page / Japanese Page
Houston Facebook Group

At the place where jewels abound
Fifteen rows down to the ground
In the middle of twenty-one
From end to end
Only three stand watch
As the sound of friends
Fills the afternoon hours
Here is a sovereign people
Who build palaces to shelter
Their heads for a night!
Gnomes admire
Fays delight
The namesakes meeting
Near this site.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Boston, Massachusetts

If Thucydides is
North of Xenophon
Take five steps
In the area of his direction
A green tower of lights
In the middle section
Near those
Who pass the coliseum
With metal walls
Face the water
Your back to the stairs
Feel at home
All the letters
Are here to see
Eighteenth day
Twelfth hour
Lit by lamplight
In truth, be free.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Cleveland, Ohio

Beneath two countries
As the road curves
In a rectangular plot
Beneath the tenth stone
From right to left
Beneath the ninth row from the top
Of the wall including small bricks
Seven steps up you can hop
From the bottom level
Socrates, Pindar, Apelles
Free speech, couplet, birch
To find casques destination
Seek the columns
For the search.

American Page / Japanese Page

Two twenty two
You’ll see an arc of lights
Weight and roots extended
Together saved the site
Of granite walls
Wind swept halls
Citadel in the night
A wingless bird ascended
Born of ancient dreams of flight
Beneath the only standing member
Of a forest
To the south
White stone closest
At twelve paces
From the west side
Get permission
To dig out.

American Page / Japanese Page

Of all the romance retold
Men of tales and tunes
Cruel and bold
Seen here
By eyes of old
Stand and listen to the birds
Hear the cool, clear song of water
Harken to the words:
Freedom at the birth of a century
Or May 1913
Edwin and Edwina named after him
Or on the eighth a scene
Where law defended
Between two arms extended
Below the bar that binds
Beside the long palm’s shadow
Embedded in the sand
Waits the Fair remuneration
White house close at hand.

American Page / Japanese Page

At stone wall’s door
The air smells sweet
Not far away
High posts are three
Education and Justice
For all to see
Sounds from the sky
Near ace is high
Running north, but first across
In jewel’s direction
Is an object
Of Twain’s attention
Giant pole
Giant step
To the place
The casque is kept.

American Page / Japanese Page

View the three stories of Mitchell
As you walk the beating of the world
At a distance in time
From three who lived there
At a distance in space
From woman, with harpsichord
Silently playing
Step on nature
Cast in copper
Ascend the 92 steps
After climbing the grand 200
Pass the compass and reach
The foot of the culvert
Below the bridge
Walk 100 paces
Southeast over rock and soil
To the first young birch
Pass three, staying west
You’ll see a letter from the country
Of wonderstone’s hearth
On a proud, tall fifth
At its southern foot
The treasure waits.

American Page / Japanese Page

The first chapter
Written in water
Near men
With wind rose
Behind bending branches
And a green picket fence
At the base of a tall tree
You can still hear the honking
Shell, limestone, silver, salt
Stars move by day
Sails pass by night
Even in darkness
Like moonlight in teardrops
Over the tall grass
Years pass, rain falls.

Acrostic: SELOY
American Page / Japanese Page

In the shadow
Of the grey giant
Find the arm that
Extends over the slender path
In summer
You’ll often hear a whirring sound
Cars abound
Although the sign
Speaks of Indies native
The natives still speak
Of him of Hard word in 3 Vols.
Take twice as many east steps as the hour
Or more
From the middle of one branch
Of the v
Look down
And see simple roots
In rhapsodic mans soil
Or gaze north
Toward the isle of B.

American Page / Japanese Page

Pass two friends of octave
In December
Ride the man of oz
To the land near the window
There’s a road that leads to
Dark forest
Where white is in color
With two maps
After circle and square
In July and August
A path beckons
To mica and driftwood
Under that
Which may be last touched
Or first seen standing
Look north at the wing
And dig
To achieve
By dauntless and inconquerable
Your goal.

American Page / Japanese Page

Solved – Chicago Illinois

Where M and B are set in stone
And to Congress, R is known
L sits and left
Beyond his shoulder
Is the Fair Folks’
Treasure holder
The end of ten by thirteen Is your clue
Fence and fixture
Central too
For finding jewel casque
Seek the sounds
Of rumble
Brush and music

American Page / Japanese Page

Image 8 / Verse 1: Houston
Painting Name: Unknown
Painting Inspired by: Unknown
Latatude Longitude 29 / 95 30 / 96
Month: July
Birthstone: Ruby
Time: 7 o’clock
Flower: Larkspur
Nation: Persia
Line tying verse to image: None
Litany quote: “The Ruby out of Araby: Scarlet of desert sky at dawn.
Parks Department: Houston Parks and Rec
Official Contact: Permits and Reservations
Dig Status: Contact them. Don’t act crazy and you have a shot.

Japanese Keywords and HInts:
1 north
2 Cold
3 south
6 Nine eight two
7 wood
8 No lion fears
9 the water veers
the water veers – water that is being shot up into the sky. Do you think this is a normal spring or like a man made fountain?
10 Small of scale
Small in english means small, but what does scale mean? In Japan we have one thing that uses the English word ‘scale’ that is ‘scale model’
13 four alike
14 Small, split
15 Three winged and slight
16-17: This is a quote from a famous book. What is that famous book?
21 There’s a spout
22 A whistle sounds

Stephen Bryant’s Focus Crop
”secret houston focus crop

Common Image Matches to City

Common Maps or City Name in Image

Japanese Pages



    I have cracked the code but need help retrieving the treasure……can anyone be of assistance ?

    • Roxana

      Hey, we’re in the area. Can we help?

      • Joseph Walker

        The Rhino appears to be the Karkadann, the Persian word for rhino…and a mythical creature from the plains of India and Persia. More ties to Persia. Also, the statue of Sqm Houston on horseback is pointing to the east side of the lake. Does anyone know if there were any symbolism of Persia constructed in the east side woods that is no longer there. I have a gut feeling this is important to the hunt.

      • Sean Hight

        So, has someone found it, but never come out about it? I think everyone is looking in the wrong place.

    • Will Aldridge

      I have cracked it too. How can I reach you

    • Sean

      So what happened? Have you all found it?

    • Paul

      I can help you if you still need assist. I visit my son who is attending Rice University regularly. I live in San Antonio.
      – Paul

  2. gmantexas

    I’m within driving distance of Houston.

  3. Jackie G

    Listening to the Houston podcast; Byron Priess was pissed. Pissed because no one read the fucking book. It has been thirty years and no one bothers to read the book. You telling everyone fuck the story in the book it has nothing to do with the hunt.
    He wrote the book to teach about people, events and movements that made America. The Presidents, democracy, explorers, Native Americans, the abolitionists, the suffragists, writers, the wars, but Fuck that; do bather to figure out the puzzle.
    Get a shovel and dig up a zoo because there is a camel in the picture. By the way, the camel is a reference to the United States Camel Corps of Arizona
    He was pissed
    Hell! I am pissed at you.
    Telling people to get a shovel and start digging!
    You are not even in the right state!
    I can’t listen to any more of your podcast

    • James D Morrow

      Jackie G
      You have at least one hunter in agreement, I believe Byron was so tired of being harassed he simply told that individual what they wanted to hear to cease the harassment and also agree with the contest connection to discovery/exploration/settlement of North America. I have reviewed the so called coordinate theory and from its beginnings it had major issues/failings in several instances, several pairings and locations are incorrect but no one wants to admit any of it, the majority don’t even want to put a casque in Canada even though he stated clearly in many news print articles that he went there. That is enough in itself to show the close minded approach being used.

    • JC


      1) The Camel Corps was in Texas briefly too. It was not just in Arizona. A little research goes a long way.
      2) You yourself committed a huge error and ignored a chunk the book. Preiss wrote this about the ruby: “The Ruby out of Araby:
      Scarlet of desert sky at dawn.” Houston has a very large population of Iranian immigrants (Iran used to be Persia). The Camel could very well be a reference to James Joyce’s short story “Araby” and thus a literary allusion to the fact that Houston has a significant Persian, and Arabian immigrant population. So, you bitching about others not reading the whole book, then ignoring part of the book yourself comes off either as completely ignorant, or at least intellectually dishonest. Again, a little research goes a long way.

  4. Kirby

    Also in houston, also i believe I’m close to approximate location, but I do not know who with the cirt to speak to about permission to probe and possibly dig. Willing to join up with any other groups to divide and conquer

    • jesna

      at the top right, near the sphere, there seems to be a “95” in the branches? does anyone think that that could be a helpful clue?

  5. Seanc

    What if I told you…
    Its absolutely in Tranquility park.
    I dont know exactly where…yet
    Within 1000.sq ft.

  6. sisyphys

    I am certain that the ruby casque was once located in Hermann Park as all of the material evidence points to this conclusion. I moved to Houston in1985 and immediately became a member of the HMNS. In 1992 I took a position in the Texas Medical Center (in Hermann Park) and have just recently retired. From 1992 to 2018 I have run the trails at Hermann Park on a weekly basis and continue to cycle there. I have an intricate knowledge of the Park. That said, I doubt that the casque is still in the Park. There is a spoils area just south of the park where soil scraped from the golf course and the zoo were deposited then those areas were completely remodeled. Also in this spoils area is soil removed from the reflecting pool and Lake McGovern when those water features were enlarged. This spoils area consists of a man made hill 15” high and over an acre in size. The engine 982 has been removed from the park and the miniature train tracks have been completely rerouted. The hill in front of Miller Theater has been heightened by 12”. From 205 to 2007 over 80% of the the trees on the park had to be replaced due to damage from hurricanes Rita and Ike. And Hermann Park/TMC has experienced over 6” of decreased elevation due to ground water subsidence. I am new to The Secret; a Treasure Hunt, but had I known about the casque back in 1985 when I moved to Houston, retrieving it would have been incredibly difficult due to all of the changes made to the park. I offer my assistance to anyone that may need logistical support regarding the Hermann Park casque. Good luck to all that take the task of the ruby casque, remember that hope springs eternal.

    • Aim9TX

      sisyphus – I guess the best question to ask is what areas around/just set back from the lake, looking at a map today, are essentially in their original state?

      • sisyphys

        Guess I’ve been MIA, just checked this post today as I’m at the park. I’ve seen arial photos of Herman from 1981,2005 and 2019 and compared them as best as possible. The north side of the lake has remained reasonably in tact. Overall, the west side of Lake McGovern has been changed completely. Aside from the changes in the lake’s perimeter, I would be more concerned with the topography. Areas are consistently raised and lowered because Houston is essentially flat as a board. As for my original post, please allow me to correct some points. Houston Med Center subsidence has lowered the overall area by six feet over the last twenty years and the Miller amphitheater was raise twelve feet during repairs made to the park after Ike. All said, if the caske is still in Houston, try not to overthink. The Boston caske was under home plate (right where Priess said it would be found). The stone count and an outline of the planter in Cleveland gave away that caske’ location. And the Chicago caske was simply an accounting of a pattern of trees. As for Houston, the caske is/was in Herman Park, I can’t believe that Wilhouse didn’t find it. As for everyone else, a happy hunting to all.

  7. Jimmy Tausch

    I have located the box in Houston. I will be digging it up on Tuesday February 25.

    • Karen J.

      Did you call Josh Gates?!!!! He needs to help you! 🙂

    • David

      Well Tausch? Find it?

    • Cheryl

      Well, did you dig there? What happened?
      Thanks, Cheryl

      • Dane Langen

        My and my three sons want to help!!!

        The park should be open now right?

        What’s the status!!!

    • Paul

      Did you dig? Find the box?
      – Paul

  8. DougC

    I know I’m late to the hunt; but is the Winston-Salem theory ruled out for good? Just curious. Secondly, does the idea of finding the state outlined in the painting hold true for this one? Of the remaining paintings, I feel drawn to this one (no pun intended). Thank you for reading

  9. M4X

    Has anyone located the State of TX in the painting? The solved puzzles have had imagery or wording leading to the city or State. The camel is puzzling… Does it allude to the zoo? Seems too obscure. The rhino head is confusing as well even if zoo related. Galveston bay… Not too sure? The only thing that makes sense is engine 982. I’m scouring looking for imagery related to Houston.

  10. HoustonTxDave

    Personally I think the casque was buried near the “Brownie” statue in the old children’s zoo. Unfortunately a new gorilla exhibit was built over it in 2005.

  11. Ricky

    I am a cancer patient at MD Anderson and I go to the park probably twice a month to look. I have had many ideas about where it could be and have taken a few hundred photos myself. I bring a old car antenna with the little ball cut off and poke around when I think i have a spot. So far no luck.

  12. Barbara on November 22 nd 2020

    I thinks that the casque is in HOUSTON PARK? NOT HERMANN. The state is TEXAS and the illustration theme is OIL. The Gem is A RUBY = ARABIAN/OIL
    In Huston Park there is a statue of an angel standing with arms crossed in the same pose as the dark skinned Djinn figure which has Arabian style headgear. in the illustration. The camel and the background sandy dunes are Arabian. Some people have attributed VERSE ONE to this picture but I have attached that definitely to the FLORIDA location which I believe to be JACKSONVILLE and NOT ST AUGUSTINE.’ Fort north… ‘could be Fort Caroline. This location ties with the FRENCH settlers in that state as this blue gem is a TURQUOISE and not a SAPPHIRE (which has to be connected to the SPANISH immigrants) Perhaps some clever people can join up another verse with local knowledge to find the exact spot in Houston Park,as I am not even a resident of USA. Due to the sad isolation C19 situation I will not be able to travel from Scotland to confirm my research for the three solutions which I have been working on. Another idea I have is that I do not think that the Californian Casque will be found in GOLDEN GATE PARK-SAN FRANCISCO but on ANGEL ISLAND where the Chinese immigrants were held for many years. I have found that Byron Preiss has played with words a lot and even used a combination of TWO tribes in THREE illustrations. In reading the text of the story you will find that he specifies that there was a ‘mingling’ of the people. and there is lots of clues as to the way to unravel the puzzle. Too many people have side tracked with wild and fanciful interpretations of their own without finding confirmations. There is a code in the flowers too. Happy searching and good luck to all.

    • Joel

      Hi Barbara,

      The 12 months play a role in the solutions; each month has a number, a birthstone, and a birth flower. The Florida picture has 9 asters which are the September flower, and are also the month’s number (9). Have you found a code in the flowers?
      I have been looking for additional clues, and can not come up with a mathematical one, though the Japanese translation pages indicate there is one.

      • terrye derosa

        i believe that the number of the month, of the birthflowers, and gem is something like a master key. and i think you are right about it being mathmatical, it also, history, and religion.

  13. Joel

    My two cents: Many believe the state to be Texas based on (1) the ‘lone star’ in the upper left of the picture, and (2) taking numbers visible in the picture they come up with the Houston Texas latitude and longitude. There could be other meanings for the star however, and the numbers may not be lat and longs at all.
    The book needs to be read, as was said above. For the Persian riddle, the book gives some detail such as desert (mentioned twice if my memory serves), and native Americans that are famous blanket weavers. I don’t know if either of these attributes are found in the Houston area. Is it a desert?
    The book also encourages matching the picture to the verse as the first task, though it does not specify how. I believe there are items mentioned in the verses, and those items are found in the pictures. This works for the 3 found so far, so it should work for the rest. There is one verse for instance that describes juggling in a very elegant way (~equally spaced in time, and equally spaced in distance – again, if memory serves), and this pairs up with the picture of the hooded lady juggling. This is likely Milwaukee, as told in the Josh Gates TV program a couple of years ago; The lady is juggling these items: Mil (stone) – wal (ing stick) – kee (key). I also think several of these pictures have visual puns in them. The Florida one for instance is a “spring head”.
    I too believe there are codes in the book; Barbara, can you tell us what the flower code is? I know there are 9 Astors in one of the paintings which is the number of the month (September), but other than that?…

  14. Bob

    Has this been found. I am late the party but love this stuff

    • Robert Price

      Has anyone considered the Geodesic Gnomes section page 158 concerning Houston and van der Rohe architecture in area near Museum of Fine Arts Houston. I’m a novice so forgive me if I am behind on everything.

  15. James

    There’s a lot of Sam Houston elements in this painting that people may not be aware of. For instance, the painting resembles a Masonic Tracing board. Sam Houston was a well known Mason. The bottom of the main pillar and the double rings on the rhino head pillar come from torches on his grave. The ruby is the birthstone for July which is also when he died. I did some research on Sam Houston and found out he lived in Huntsville TX. I’m wondering if that’s what Byron was referring to when he said there was a treasure in Houston. Could the casque actually be in Huntsville? All I know is Byron was a very clever guy and never told anyone where he buried the casques, not even his wife. Maybe one day it’ll be found.

  16. john vincent

    I also feel like people think these puzzles can be solved just by doing an “object find” game on the images and following the verse as if they are step by step instructions like a pirate treasure map but the pirate needs clear instructions for himself from himself to remember where he put the treasure. The secret is not like that, the secret has been made hard intentionally. The order of numbers are switched sixes are nines and nines are sixes, left is right and right is wrong and upside-down is right-side up. Just because all “beings’ in the picture look to the west “assumption” doesn’t mean they are in real life. The image is made to be misleading just as the verse is. The Cleveland verse was out of order I was unable to find a dig spot in New Orleans until I reorganized the verse. It stands to reason that the verse is not in the correct order for any verse. First question I asked myself for New Orleans verse was ” What part of the verse gives me numbers”? I guess we need numbers to pin point a location. Then what combination of 2-4 line makes the most since and which ones rhyme. before long i had a verse that sounded like it was in the correct order. Wont know till i dig. waiting for email back from New Orleans Parks and Recreation. One more thing i think helped. i stopped reading posts about New Orleans unless i was stumped and needed some inspirational hints.

  17. Ondrea Paolino

    I am a goat farmer in RI.. you have it all wrong!! I have all the signs and I think I know where abouts just need someone to decipher.. it took me am hour but I think I have what is needed!! No joke.. I am 48 years old and love puzzles and my husband recently purchased the book we bumped into it on a show.. I thought it was a crock.. until I saw this picture.. I know what it is

  18. Robert Price

    I bought my copy 3 weeks ago. I had a hunch when I read the geodesic gnome section. The part about the connection with Houston and van der Rohe architecture. The Fine Art Museum
    Has a big part to do with that. Hermann park is so close. The mythical rhino from Persia. The persian and Indian use of camels
    Gun ships and the use of camel corps in the US southwest.
    Can someone tell me what the three rings around the rhino column means?


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