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The Secret

Cover of the book “The Secret”.
The Secret is a puzzle book about an American treasure hunt published in 1982 by Byron Preiss. To make his riddles, Byron Preiss traveled to different locations in North America to secretly bury a dozen ceramic vases, or, as he called them, “helmets”.
Each “helmet” contains a small key that is to be exchanged for one of the 12 jewels. Byron Preiss kept in a safe in New York the 12 emeralds. The key to the discovery of each box should correspond to one of the paintings in the book and to one of the verses in the book, one must solve the resulting riddle to find where to dig. We must find the poem that goes with his illustration because unlike the golden owl texts are not with the visuals!

Since 1982, only two of the twelve boxes have been recovered. The first was located in the “Grant Park”, Chicago, in 1983 by a group of students. The second was unearthed in 2004 in Cleveland by two members of Quest4Treasure.

Illustration image of an
open helmet with his key and gems.
The book contains 12 illustrations and 12 poems, each set (illustration and poem) corresponds to a treasure. The image is there to establish “the general area” and the poem is a map, which, step by step, gives the exact location of the treasure.

There are 12 ceramic boxes, each enclosed in a Plexiglas shell, each in a different park, two have been found, so there are still 10!

It is always possible to exchange a key found against a gem (jewel) despite the death of the author thanks to his heirs …

The secret has a strong link with the golden owl: its author (Byron Preiss) also died, he tragically in a car accident on July 9, 2005, only the illustrator of the book (John Jude Palencar) is still in life.

The story of the first box found in 1983 also looks like a Max Valentin hunt Paris Match (  CHASSE PARIS MATCH REGION 5 ) because the students who had dug the hole had not seen the box in the pile of earth, this After throwing the shovel of despair and after sitting down and putting his head in his hands, one of them saw the box, for the earth was sliding on the Plexiglas.

To make “The Secret”, author Byron Preiss was inspired by Masquerade,

The helmet found in 1983.


The tale begins more than three hundred years ago, when the Righteous People – the elves, fairies, dragons and other legendary and fantastic creatures from a dozen lands – fled the Old World for the New, seeking refuge from man’s ways. With them came their precious jewels: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls …

But then the righteous people have disappeared, taking with them their twelve fabulous treasures. And they have remained hidden until now … Across North America, these twelve treasures, more than ten thousand dollars in precious jewels, are buried. The key to find is to look in the twelve pure color paintings and poems of The Secret. Yet the Secret is much more than that.

Finally, you can learn not only the location of the treasure of the Right people, but also the modern forms and hiding places of their descendants: the Chantonne Toll, Demon Master, Elf des Alphas, Werewolf Houses, Freudian Sylphs, Vultures of Culture, Western Ghosts and other delicious creatures in the world around us. The Secret is a field guide to them all. For many “wheelchair treasure hunt” books have been published over the years, are particularly happening (in 1979) by the British artist Kit Williams.

In Masquerade he was promised a hare (jewel) covered with gold, and in the first person who will be able to unravel the enigma Kit Williams has cleverly hidden in his work. In 1982, while everyone in Britain was still wildly digging hedges and pastures in search of the golden hare, “The Secret: A Treasure Hunt” was published in America. The previous year, author and publisher Byron Preiss had traveled to 12 locations in the continental United States (and probably Canada) to secretly bury a dozen ceramic helmets. Each helmet contains a small key that can be exchanged for one of the 12 Preiss jewels kept in a safe in New York. The key to find for the helmet corresponded to one of the 12 paintings and one of the 12 poetic verses, solve the resulting puzzle and start digging. Since 1982, only two of the 12 helmets have been recovered. The first was located in Grant Park, Chicago, in 1984 by a group of students. The second was unearthed in 2004 in Cleveland by two members of the Quest4Treasure forum. Preiss was killed in a car accident in the summer of 2005, but the hunt for his helmets continues.

Map of the two helmets found and the remaining ten.
A team of French researchers has embarked on this hunt, a case to follow …


  1. Cool this article 🙂 It is true that there are many similarities with the owl …. to follow 🙂


  2. Good evening “Unknown”, yes it is also a very beautiful hunt … Regards



  3. Anonymous27/2/19 14:56

    if a French team gets involved or rather gets tangled, should I write, we’re not about to have an end!


  4. Hehe … to follow …;)

  5. Thank you, I did not know ! 1982 is the oldest treasure hunt …

  6. Hello Seb, yes it looks good with 11 years more than our owl! Regards



  7. A few days ago, a man claiming to be Gerald Gay discovered a helmet in Golden Gate Park. The creators of the hunt confirmed that this helmet was a fake counterfeit.

    Can you check if it’s really Dr. Gay who dug that?


  8. Hi George Ward, I’m able to confirm that Meteor did well last Monday in San Francisco this feat. You just have to give him some time for the last formalities … Regards



    PS: Sorry for the delay, your message was in the middle of insults that I can not publish on my blog.

  9. Anonymous1/3/19 20:50

    I see, my dear Kaspius, that your “Google translations” are always so good!



  10. Hello Garatakeu, indeed, I would even add that they are sufficient, to understand, what there is to understand 😉 Kindly



  11. Anonymous3/3/19 13:54

    Hi Kaspius!
    Could you give us some information about this French team?
    Are you part of it? Some “meteor” quotes you on the forum Q4T.

    Thank you,


  12. Hello Jef, yes we are a team on this hunt with Meteor and Devin but for the golden owl it’s still a fake news, I’m looking for my side and the team of Meteor and Devin too …

    When I see a much more populous country that has a 10 year lag, which does not really take off in the fertile holes, I think Meteor and Devin still have some nice looking days in front of them! Regards



  13. Stephane413/3/19 18:49

    Not a word about Meteor who announced having found, on the same day as the publication of this article, the helmet of San Francisco?


  14. Hi Stephane41, I can confirm that Meteor has done well last Monday in San Francisco this feat. You just have to give him some time for the last formalities … Regards



Kaspius Blog post:

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The secret, the helmets are different!

Advertising (helmet presentation poster in 1982).

Contrary to popular belief, the helmets of “The Secret” are different, the story is anchored in the head of American researchers think they see the same helmet from the advertising game and the discovery the following year the first helmet in 1983 who by the greatest of chances is very similar!

The second helmet was discovered in 2004, the problem is that it was badly damaged by its inventor and there are very few pictures of it …

In the photo below we observe that little the helmet presented as being taken out of the same mold as that found in 1983, actually presents several differences:

Two versions of a helmet with differences!
The helmet on the left is that of 2004,
on the right, the four sides of that of “1983”!
The bust of the lid is also different on that of 2004!


this story of a unique mold for twelve helmets is wrong!

See also: The Secret Home

Kaspius comments


  1. Anonymous7/3/19 21:15

    Beautiful demonstration !!!


  2. Hello Anonymous (no nickname?), Thank you for this comment!
    The demonstration was easy, it’s just observation, the two helmets found are different and the helmet shown by some researchers as being identical because out of the same mold is just laughable just the head of the character above the dog How can we believe that! Regards



  3. Anonymous7/3/19 21:45

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  4. Anonymous7/3/19 21:50

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  5. Anonymous7/3/19 22:45

    Congratulations! Did Meteor actually finish the quest! Did he prevail?



  6. Hi Marco, I am able to confirm that Meteor did well last Monday in San Francisco this feat. You just have to give him some time for the last formalities … Regards



  7. Anonymous7/3/19 22:52

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  8. Anonymous7/3/19 23:05

    You should pay attention to what is being said in the United States on the news about your hoax. It’s been on the news. It’s on blogs. Message boards. Facebook. The other creators of The Secret have come forward to discredit this find. They have nothing to lose or gain from it … they just know it is a fake.

    Yes, you would like to gain some fame and credibility through this hoax, but it did not work. It has already failed and has a massive embarrassing scale.

    You all should be ashamed.


  9. Hi Anonymous (no nickname?), Two important things to

    keep in mind before bringing your science here on my blog: 1-I will not publish your insults (in anonymous and more!).
    2-I am able to confirm that Meteor did well last Monday in San Francisco this exploit. You just have to give him some time for the last formalities …

    Then your false proofs and insults you can keep them because they will not be published here! Regards



  10. Anonymous7/3/19 23:34

    And yes, I bring science. You bring fiction.

  11. Very funny, ended the anonymous comments, end insults, your delirium and false comments!

    Kaspius, Webmaster of the Researcher’s Blog.

  12. Hello Kaspius,

    I love your blog and reading other adventures.

    I read about the discovery of the keg in Golden Gate Park and it made me very happy. I have been researching for many years on this puzzle.

    But I must be honest, as a respectful and thorough treasure hunter, it is decisive, according to the publisher’s own words, that the 12 drums are exactly the same. Byron Preiss himself was quoted in articles claiming that the 12 barrels were identical. The only difference is that one of the 12 figures in each figure is painted and the clocks have different times.

    In addition, the barrel maker, artist Jo Ellen Trilling, stated that only one pattern was used for each barrel.

    I can provide you with articles and direct quotes about these things. I can also tell you that the photos you are referring to are all mixed up. One of the drums you describe and say old is actually brand new, created from the original mold and used in a recent hunt for tribute. A different artist painted the scenes on the raised figures. This is why they look different, but their shape is identical to that of the origin. Mrs. Trilling could have done as much as she wanted.

    For the sake of the integrity of Mr. Preiss’s legacy, I think this development will be thoroughly investigated. Anyone who has planted the barrel that Dr. Gay discovered has not understood how this treasure hunt worked and did not follow interviews with the co-creators, all of whom are still alive.

    I hope this helps your inquiry.

    Jérôme LeVey


  13. Good evening Jerome, I quote “One of the barrels that you describe and say old is actually brand new, created from the original mold and used during a recent hunt for tribute.” while I made it clear “In the photo below we can observe that the helmet presented as being taken out of the same mold as that found in 1983, actually presents several differences” which is not the same thing, because I followed this story and it is identical to that of 1983 …

    I do not mind your articles but for the rest, the researcher Meteor is not at his first attempt, it’s only a matter of time for all explanations on this discovery, I do not know what said the author on identical helmets, but it seems to me, if I have not missed anything in this story, that the inside of the helmet can confirm the discovery, so still a little patience … Regards


    Kaspius .

  14. Hello Kaspius,

    Unfortunately, the assertion that there are differences is a mistake. They are painted differently, but the mold is exactly the same. A mold was used and Jo Ellen Trilling, the close friend of Mr. Preiss, testified. She was the only mold maker. Photographers Ensen and Palancar also testified about this.

    Perhaps you misunderstood me as I wrote this via Google Translate, but here is the rest of my message and a critical article for proof.

    In addition, after receiving his jewel for discovering the Cleveland drum, Brian Zinn explained to Mr. Preiss why only one segment of the barrel had been painted … here, without any modification, here is the answer, as indicated in the venerable newspaper Bergan County Record: Wednesday afternoon, Zinn and Abrams went with Preiss to the vault of the bank where are kept all the jewels. Preiss searched the safe until he found the right little package, a stone wrapped in cotton and paper. The transfer of the stone was anticlimactic, said Zinn. “[Preiss] said, ‘Congratulations, here is your jewel.'”, He said. “And I shook his hand.” Zinn brought the ceramic helmet he had taken out of the Cleveland Garden. He assumed that helmet painting had been bleached after more than two decades in the earth. But Preiss surprised him. “He said, oh no, no, no, the helmets are not painted, except for a figurine,” said Zinn. “So I started counting and there were 12 digits on the helmet, one for each clue.”


    That’s the truth, and unfortunately, it seems that only Meteor and yourself thought there were different casks. I respectfully tell you as much as I can, but there is no doubt that the 12 original casks are identical. Once again, the photos you are talking about are confused and made by different painters 40 years apart, but they have exactly the same relief, even the smallest imperfections. There were no differences in the mold, only the paint on each of the 12. One figure each was painted. Then the clock. Another conclusion: there was no “European” painting 7. It was a mistake and a cultural assumption of the forger. The American Sevens never have the transom and this is the case of the barrel, not only found barrels,

    I only tell you this information confirmed in the interests of the integrity of your blog. And indeed if Meteor himself was the victim of a hoax from someone who had buried him earlier.

    Once again, I hope it helps.

    With respect,



  15. Hi Jerome, thank you for your comment, I am unfortunately not guessing! (without bad word games).

    Meteor has found a helmet at the very place of the solution of the deciphering of the riddle!

    I do not know what the author has buried, I see that this helmet is different from others in its aspect, what I can tell you is that we have to wait a little longer for the last formalities that Meteor has to fulfill to be declared winner, and I am saddened by the reactions of your compatriots (and some of mine). Regards



  16. Dear Kaspius,

    Again, forgive me for the bad translation,

    It is important that I clarify and if you like, we can communicate directly by email:

    I regret to inform you that Meteor will not be declared winner of this discovery because, according to the co-creators of this treasure hunt, it is a fake drum.

    The only barrel sculptor testified that the 12 crates were identical reliefs, painted only to differentiate themselves. That’s exactly how it happened. There is no doubt or other reality. Outside the 12 helmets, twelve different characters were represented on each box. Only one figure was painted on each box to make it unique. Inside, a single hour on the clock was painted with an English 7 rather than a European 7 cross as seen in the San Francisco scythe. This is confirmed by photos, testimonials, articles, podcasts and interviews in other media, from 1981, 1984, 2004 and more recently.

    Mr. Preiss recruited his friends in New York to participate in this treasure hunt. The sculptor, the photographer, the painter, the two authors. All of them, except Mr. Preiss, are still alive and have all testified that it was definitely not one of the 12 barrels. They further stated that only 12 drums had been buried. Only the 13th Tribute Cask has been added to the hunt and it is identical to the previous 12.

    Here is a set of indisputable facts:

    John Jude Palancar, the artist who created the 12 paintings, stated that he did not create any of the casks, although there is an image of his initials on the cask indicating that the forger did not understand that Jo Ellen create the casks. Mr. Palancar has no reason to tell lies. He is a painter, not a sculptor and finds it very disturbing to see someone forging his monogram on a work that is not his.

    The Preiss family itself testified that the casks had the same relief and that this Asian themed box was not real, neither inside nor out.

    The San Francisco Parks Department immediately suspected that the cask was a fake, even with Dr. Gay. They gave Mr. Gay the benefit of the doubt that he had not placed at the moment, but there is no need to worry, because Ms. Trilling is the artist whose work was falsely claimed that the federal law had been broken. In addition, the Parks Department is a federal agency responsible for law enforcement and misrepresentation is a serious crime. Again, I’m not accusing Meteor of falsifying this, but if he did not, he’s also a victim and he should be upset and trying to figure out who this forger is rather than defending that false box embarrassing.

    The photos in the book itself indicate that the 12 barrels are identical in relief.

    Articles like the one I sent you earlier quote Mr. Preiss, stating that the drums are identical, except for the design of one of the 12 figures representing the outer relief and the unique time inscribed inside.



  17. Some of the keys inside are also unique in color and known to Mrs. Trilling, who will be the only one to judge what is real and what is wrong. This is her art and it is a fact that she does not appreciate that one forge his creations. She has already certified that this “Asian box” is a fake, so that Meteor will not be declared winner.

    The Cleveland and Chicago helmets were examined simultaneously by several experts in the same room. They are in fact exactly the same, down to the smallest imperfections due to the fact that they were molded by the same mold.

    This may be due to a language barrier, but unfortunately the photos you have published and the explanations are without context or understanding of the drums shown. Perhaps the language barrier explains why you or Meteor misunderstood the book or any of the articles quoted directly quoting Mr. Preiss or eyewitnesses of barrel holders or, more importantly, of co-authoring authors and creators of this hunt who are still alive all testified that this Asian box is a fake. The evidence is overwhelming. The casks are identical in their molding. Even that was forged is incorrect on the inner cover.

    Once again, I hope you will accept my letter in the spirit in which it was sent. All also respect Meteor for its previous successes, but unfortunately, the truth is that Mr. Byron Preiss did not bury the box he dug in the land in San Francisco in 1981.

    The tragedy of the masquerade puzzle is that it was won by dishonesty. Many are very concerned that this obvious fake is a sad attempt to do something similar and that this hunt will not allow such a sad spell. Unfortunately for the forger, they misunderstood the facts and interviews and did not calculate that the artists, writers and co-creators of the hunt were still alive and all certified in less than 24 hours that this was absolutely not real. There is nothing in this so-called cask that will make it suddenly real. It’s unfortunate, but I guess it’s part of human nature, that some people want to cheat and deceive.

    We certainly hope that the San Francisco box will soon be installed! And of course, if Dr. Gay is actually a vicar, we hope he’ll have another chance to search, but for now, this case is closed in all respects.

    If you are in contact, please contact Mr. Gay to indicate that he will not be certified winner of this treasure hunt because the drum is a fake. My apologies to Dr. Gay if he is also a victim, but ethics and integrity must remain true to the spirit of the sport.

    You or Dr. Gay can contact me directly by email if you have any other questions. Apologies for your disappointment about this but it’s over.




  18. Good evening Jerome, this will be my last intervention, I’m tired of answering again and again the same thing, it is not a fake, I am able to confirm that Meteor has done well last Monday in San Francisco this feat. You just have to give him some time for the last formalities (“formalities” is not just a word, it’s what he has to do to be declared a winner, I do not know what is not included in what I said but it is necessary to read and understand, and not to interpret, I will not write that if Meteor had the slightest problem with this headset, because it is not the case!). Regards



Dear George,
thanks for that (about pictures) : I deeply appreciate. You know I am a MD and not a lawyer. The further sentence isn’t especially for you or the site. But if necessary, I won’t wait to sue if needed and possible, becoming very tired and bored of my name being dragged through the mud without any right reason.

I think it won’t be long before I tell the whole story and how many stupid things were told about it.

My wish is to find another casque ASAP to laugh out loud… You may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one 😉

To give you my trust about you, the spot is really close to Verdi statue. The story about the falls is just bullshit in order not to be undertaken by someone else. Yes, I did pictures of a wrong spot that I gave to friends for publication not to be undertaken, once more. I may be paranoid, but I never say anymore what I deciphered when it happens, except of course to the other members of the team when it happens. To be frank, I never understood why some hunters give their solutions worldwide ! In my mind, it is a hunt where first to guess, first to find… except if giving important informations to everyone. I don’t think to be a selfish man, but why giving very hard to find solutions to everybody ??? I did it once, long ago, and at least arrived too late : others came before, and agreed it was thanks to my given help. So, such a bloody experience never again.

Back to the real spot, it is about 5 meters from the place suggested last November by an Australian hunter. He just didn’t decipher most of the clues, but guessed a lot of the last answer… I was a lot afraid of someone else could find the right place with these quite right guesses, even if not the whole solution at all.

The best proof for the right spot can be read in the text of the «permit to dig ». It is clearly said that you are only allowed to dig close to the place allowed, not half-a-mile from it ! Rangers know very well the rules, this is why one can’t change his mind about where to dig at the last minute !

And if you have a close look at the place, it is very hard to walk such a distance, dig out a casque and go back to the Ranger’s meeting place in less than one hour.

I don’t care at all about being believed or not (there were too many fake stories about me in the past to care now !) But if thinking a little bit, are you really 100% sure that men working with Byron Preiss could really know WHAT he really hided and where ?

Especially in SF and NYC that are the most important places of immigration, and as a matter of fact are 1st and 12th illustrations, very different of others.

And did somebody noticed the differences between the 2 previous found casques supposed to come from the same mould ? It is definitely impossible : just look at them ! And as a matter of fact, I saw in a Website that one of the side of Chicago was attributed to Cleveland. Nobody said nothing ! Are hunters blind or what ? Look at the advertising before publication of the book : it is a good clue !

Same as the story of 12 ceramic boxes done with the same mould. It is not only just impossible according to what I wrote above, but if you were the author WOULD YOU really make only 12 boxes, just in case one or more could be accidentally broken before hidden ? Anyway, not me !

And to close the story tonight, I am very surprised about the fact that it looks very normal from the author to let the book printed in a Japanese edition with a 3rd chapter untitled in both languages : «Postscript and THE HINTS »…

I am so fond of clever enigmas that I had until a recent moment a very deep admiration for the author of « The secret ». BUT in France, it would be a scandal about what is obviously a very hard cheat. I can hardly understand why nobody cares about it elsewhere. And the death of the author is not a reason to approve what has been done.
Do you approve the fact that some few people could have the translation of the Japanese book and then a main help to find the casques ?

Just one example among a lot, and I only write what is in this book. Verse 5, 1st line : « Lane is not a pathway, but a PROPER NOUN ». I won’t give other examples because as I wrote already, I wish to find another one !

In the meantime, a foreigner hunter (who found already quite a lot of treasures since 1986, and said to have dug out a casque) cannot be other than a liar, even before giving any information about the deciphering and find itself !!! Is it fair ? No comment !

Not long after I was back to France, I have been contacted by an American production company asking to film the story. When I was asked by the boss of it if I will claim for the prize, I replied that in my mind, the content of the casque has no price for me and that I will NEVER claim for the jewel. He wants me to meet the widow of Byron Preiss and may be give my high opinion of what he realized (except the Japanese story, but we didn’t speak about it).

Just for your information, it won’t be long before I publish every of these lines. So feel free to publish it first if you want to. Up to you !

Last detail : I read from an American public agency lady that the « fake casque » I was «supposed » to have found had no ceramic key in it ! The fact is that I didn’t send any picture of it for 2 reasons : 1st, I think it is a clue for other treasures to be found ; 2nd, it is another proof of fake news : I had never been asked about it, and it is published there were no key in the box ! Crazy, no ? When will people stop « to swallow » anything without thinking at all ?

I even didn’t send a picture of the key to other members of our little team : I have been hacked twice yet, and I am very careful about informations now.

Happy hunts !

by Meteor » Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:57 pm

Hi everybody !

I am very happy to join these hunts (BTW, I still wonder the title of the book : ” A treasure hunt” : as for me there are 12 hunts in one book…)

I would like, if I may, to introduce me shortly. I happen to have found 37 armchair treasures hunts written by more than 25 authors since 1985, in France and Great Britain. I just “dig” puzzles and… holes ! I don’t want to swagger about it, it is just information. I earned more than 440.000 US$ until now. My pseudo in France is also “Meteor”, and it comes from the discovery of the first organized treasure hunt in my country after deciphering the riddles of a book which title is “Phil Meteor”.

My father was american (he unfortunately died in 1973), that’s why my english is better than other french men, lol…

I am looking for “the secret” for about 2 months. It may look a short time, but I don’t need a lot of hours sleeping. I have read most of what was published for years, and you know what ? It is very useful to read what others published yet 😉

My opinion is that a lot of pairs made with Images and Verses are wrong. Believe me or not, but I think I have solved NYC 100 %, unfortunately the zone can’t be approached during some months, according to works nearby the final spot. The spot in New Orleans is solved in my mind close to 99%, but I’m afraid hurricane Katrina could have changed very important clues…

About Montreal, I was surprised it took such a long time for searchers to find the change in the image of JJP : the switch of “fleur de lys” with… who knows (except me, lol again) 😉 ?

Anyway, I discovered 100% sure the meaning of the drawing with X and the so-called runes. Unfortunately, it disappeared a few years ago, and it will be hard to find it now. I’m afraid the spot matching with all the clues is lost forever because of works on it…

One can never be sure of his or her solutions until the casque is digged out ! But as for me again, the easiest quest was in North Carolina… if one choose the good Verse…

I never had a look to any other location, except in Florida. I discovered elegant founds, far from what had been published… just because once more of a wrong Verse matching with the Image.

To make it brief, again, I am really happy to look after these hunts, because in France we have only one hunt undiscovered for the moment (only for more than 25 years : ridiculous compared with the secret 😉 and called “on the way to the golden owl”. I still hope to find it, but it is really a hard job !

I am sure that our ways (I mean European vs US) of searching the puzzles are definitely different, probably according to our DNA, or how we have been formated at school.

I forgot to tell you that I am a MD (not Mental Deficient, lol) and PhD at the Medical University of Angers, France. I have been invited YESTERDAY to a convention that will take place in San Francisco around March 2019. This is why I will start looking at that one ASAP. To be frank, I don’t agree a lot with the solutions proposed yet, even if the chosen park looks great, may be too much indeed ! Having done myself some treasure hunts as an author, I can tell you that red herrings MUST be placed if you don’t want a very fast discovery !

If I may help, I am sorry not to tell anybody all that I found until now, but keep in mind that verses are not in the right order… And knowing the history of European countries is VERY useful, and Mr PB was well informed about it, obviously !

Last hints tonight (yes, it is 5 am in my country !) : do you know what can mean “sound” ? And have you heard about Lorelei ?

That’s all folks !

I wish everybody happy hunts !
See you soon !

by Meteor » Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:44 pm

Hi everybody ! It’s 5:30 am in my country !

I read very carefully what was posted since yesterday, after I wrote my very first post here.

Well, I am sure that the man who deciphered a so called-rune looking like a “p” being a street spelt with a “p” as the first letter can’t be wrong, because such an opportunity seldom happens, according to the few words starting with this very rare letter. And the non-explanation of why a rune and not the hundreds ways to make it more obvious using a lot of codes, looks a very good match with Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (BTW, this is what I call a big hole !)

I agree with the letter “L” being the first letter of the word “Lake”… (I would be stupid to deny it, obviously !) but there are a lot of others. It’s a pity there is no other explanation for it !

It is incredible not to dig out the casque with such informations, and, icing on the cake, give these informations to everybody who could be no fair-play at all and dig out first… I bet there are only very nice people involved in the hunts and who won’t move after the wonderful publishment of the solution.

Well, I will try to publish a picture of what, IMHO (we often use this acronym in France, because we all need to be very HUMBLE and can’t criticize (or in a funny way !)) where is or unfortunately were the right spot. No more there, in tears…

To conclude, here is my favorite sentence about the “gang leaders” and what they say or write before never discovering anything, just because they are never wrong (only in their mind !) :

“When I hear what I hear, and when I see what I see (or read), I am very happy to think what I think !”

Once more today ! I feel sorry (meaning I pity) for those poor people…

Happy huntings to all of you !



by Meteor » Sun Oct 14, 2018 6:10 pm

Hi there, a lot of miles away !

I definitely respect all the ideas, but sometimes I make some reserves often starting with : “IMHO”, what doesn’t look to be the way of some of searchers here (this is much more often used by those who discovered at least one treasure…)

I just wonder, once more, WHY the casque isn’t digged out yet with so nice discoveries ?

You know what ? I think having made a great step today in understanding this specific treasure. And I am not proud of it, just because if you are half-french and half-american, Montreal and New Orleans are much easier to decipher. Of course, one must take some time to read and understand the other 206 pages of the book, just because if you don’t, you will never find anything else than… Chicago and Cleveland, already found !

And please, “Mr. I found everything, and you are just a fool, despite what you have discovered yet”, stay humble and open-minded. Or find a treasure : you can’t imagine what happens in your brain at that moment. I often told reporters on telly, or newspapers, or radio : “it is a kind of climax no one can imagine”. This are these moments I wish to everybody.

Anyway, I thank you very much to make me decide that I really WANT to find it first, just to prove that running down, or denigrate other players (yes, it is a game, just in case you didn’t understand that also) is one of the worse thing to do… And the very worse thing to do is being a boaster, a braggart, a swaggerer… so one can tell you some day : “ah, so you’re not so pleased with yourself now ?”

Take care !

You should hurry now, I’ll be there within the next 6 months ! I hope you know swimming : it would be a great lost, after a great waste, to sink once more…

by Meteor » Sun Oct 14, 2018 6:29 pm

I am very sorry to have waste my precious time with people who began insane, mad, and crazy.

I should have thought of it, according to numbers of same insanity, madness or to speak like a doctor (I am !) dementia, in France too…

I won’t respond anymore to people that I realize now are 100% mad…

Sorry for honorable folks reading these diagnoses : forget it, but keep in mind that sometimes treasure hunts make someones becoming crazy…


by Meteor » Sun Oct 14, 2018 6:54 pm

Nice to read you, Goldengate !

I bet you and me agree 100% about those that are called in French (and English too, I’m sure) : mythomaniacs or compulsive liars, and megalomaniacs…

Well, I heard so many times these stories that I wonder why I didn’t inform yet my psychiatrist colleagues about treasure hunts to diagnosis most of them.

I am always amazed they don’t take time to check the truth about my own discoveries ! Wonder why Google exists 😉 ?

According to your pseudo, I can tell you that I will be in SF next year, at least from 22nd to 25th of February. As soon as I hope to have found the Canadian casque, a friend of mine will check my answers, even if I’m afraid of what could have happened during the last 36 years…

It will be my pleasure to meet you in SF, whatever the resolving of clues by then.

I would be very happy to invite you in a nice restaurant, just because I am sure you are SANE and interesting.

Best regards,

by Meteor » Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:35 pm

According to to the silly sentences I read here, I just paste here a part of press magazine like “Time magazine” who came in my city to interview me… :


“… So why has nobody found the owl? Valentin shrugs: « Good question. I have no idea. Reading the messages I get on my screen I will see one and think, ah, here is a guy who is on the right track and then four or five days later I find him on another track that is wrong. People take three steps forward and two back. » If anyone can find the owl it is Gerald Gay and Valentin takes great delight in Dr Gay’s lack of success — « You should ask him why he hasn’t found it, » he chuckles. Valentin regularly sends Gay messages teasing him about his lack of success, but he says Gay is the best treasure hunter in France. Gay is one of the more lucid hunters, but there are degrees of madness

« Dr Gay is dangerous to people who set hunts, » says Valentin. « Mr Valentin said that about me? » Asks the doctor puffing with pride. He does not look dangerous, this immunologist, sitting in his treasure hunting room in the town of Angers, an hour and a half by train from Paris. To date he has found six treasures and made about £100,000 from his hunts. He has been hot on the trail of the owl since the day the book was published.

Gay does not hesitate to follow up a lead in his hunt for the owl. There is not a minute of the day when he is not looking for it: « I think about it all the time: when I’m working, or driving my car, or reading a book, or watching TV or now, speaking to you, I may have an inspiration. » One can’t help wondering where this commitment stops. Every weekend or holidays I only work on treasure hunts I tell you that I sometimes work 20 hours non-stop on a riddle does that make me crazy? »

Adds the doctor at the end of our meeting: « The three most important treasures in my life are my wife and two children. He admits: « It is like being a drug addict. When I find a solution it is like a climax in my head. To be frank I think I will find it. Max has said I am in the top five people looking for it. »

This paper was published more than 20 years ago, and I found a lot of treasures since then… I am sorry for those who can’t decipher riddles. It is in my DNA, sorry again.


by Meteor » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:16 pm

I am back !

It is really funny to notice that wherever there is a treasure hunt, some crazy people are just “trash” and it looks like a pleasure for them to spoil others.

As for me, those people should be in a psychiatric center at least. Please, take it easy : fools will never go anywhere out of their dreams (or nightmares, who really knows ?)

Serious people ALWAYS are the winners, and it is the most important thing to know. I wish someone could sink in his crazy lake, it would be the best for nice people !

It’s a pity because “the fool on the hill” wasn’t so far from the solution : a pity again to be mad ! And he will “se morde les couilles” “d’être aussi con, si près de la solution…”

“years pass, rain falls” and there is no link at all with the hunts we are talking about ! But it is funny to notice the idiots will always look at a clue where you are just making humour ! I am amazed with those who believe that clever people will give a hard hint to the stupid ones !


by Meteor » Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:08 pm

The work of “squaring the circle” is just wonderful, and I dig (if I may write it !), anyway, love what was published in these lines by terrific and very clever Delilah84.

Once more, it is so bad that a few posts after so many good ideas, they are spoilt but the fantasist (mythomane) megalomaniac Josh Bullshit, you know, the crazy man who found everything in just time for a wink but just digged out a big nothing.

To be frank, this silly mad folk scored a lot :

– deciphered riddles : 0
– treasures or casques found yet : 0 (and probably during next centuries : still 0)
– megalomania mark – from 0 to infinite – is : infinite

Listen, Josh Dwarf Brain : do you really read and understand what you are writing ? Do you really believe in all of your rather stupid ideas and statements ?

Did you consider about meeting a psychiatrist ?

I always appreciate the replies of Goldengate : I couldn’t do better, just copy and paste, so he is 100% right as for me.

Back to Josh Nothing : can you belt it, put a sock in it, in other words : SHUT UP FOREVER. A lot of people are fed up with your delirium. And others think it very much but don’t want to repeat what has been said by others : you deserve a great contempt, that’s all.

May be you should train with the easiest games of books for young children ? And please don’t cheat : if you find something ( yes, Goldengate, “you can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” ), we will be sure you first read the solution !

by Meteor » Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:45 pm

“ahahahah…ahahah… etc.” Pity.

I was quite sure of it : this foolish is for the best an autist and for the worst an idiot (and I really can’t be more accurate !)

Back to our quest, I believe to have solved today the black drawing over the fleur-de-lis. It is quite easy when you have deciphered WHY the “legeater” looks more like a dog than a cat.

It is a pity to looking like in a dead end, even after understanding most of the Image 9 in nearly every detail for (quite) sure. I wrote “quite”, just because a treasure hunter must be HUMBLE until he or she dig out a casque. No comment about those who (believe they) deciphered everything in a few seconds.

I am full speed on it, and I don’t sleep a lot… This is a VERY difficult challenge, and even if it is being clearer everyday, the end of every hunt is more than hard (once more, WHY did PB, or better said for me BP, called it “a treasure hunt” when there are 12 to solve ?)

Can one imagine that after 36 years, NO ONE can be sure 100% to pair the 10 left Images with the left 10 Verses ? And even not to be sure of the 10 places (cities) for sure ?

To be frank, I can bring you on a trail of any pair of Image/Verse in the most popular cities found, but even in others !

If I had time enough left, I would take a bet that I am able to find a solution to any Image, of any big city, with any Verse.

Do you want to challenge ? If the bet is at least 1000 US$, I take it with anybody after both of us let the dough in a lawyer safe or something equivalent.

BP, in y mind, did a very good job, full of traps, and he did it well, may be too much, because it is impossible at first to know if some very clever hunters like Josh (the well-known mytho) or myself (having solved a lot of treasure hunts in Europe) can find everything very fast… or not.

Of course, he happens to die too early (it is always too early anyway) BUT I think he should have given some inputs or hints earlier. Well, I wrote myself some treasure hunts in France, and when you realize that there is not any find from 1993 until 2004, you must think about giving some helps to hunters. I still wonder why he didn’t give the full solutions about Chicago or even Cleveland ? Being pragmatic, I suppose there would have been good opportunities to print and sell more books, with the solutions of the first discoveries… adding some helps, even “negative” ones, like : “there is no casque in the State of…” But he didn’t, and “chose” to die in a stupid car crash (because car crashes are always stupid). What a pity !

Remember if I told you before, but I am a MD, and life or death, when the latter happens, it doesn’t care too much for me. Sorry.

I am wondering if I won’t give up “the secret”, just because such a long task, done by so many brains, during so many years, could be never solved.

I will probably contact John Palencar if I may, not to ask him to give me any hint, but to suggest that he could think about doing so, may be every year on the day PB died, as a mark of deep respect to him. And to have his fantastic dream been done one day. With everybody applauding him for the very good riddles. And why not to check the places of where was a day casques, if unfortunately they are not there anymore because so many years after, a lot of things had changed. Or just to say : guys, carry on ! There is no reason why it has moved ! In another way, give a little hint like : “did you really notice the importance of that detail in verse or image ?”. Another thing could be hunters not to have any more doubt : “yes, Image X is paired with Verse Y !”

In my mind, it is not a bad idea, because I think it is very stupid if the game is never solved and nobody knows the answers. Imagine all the time they spent to imagine this ? And for a nearly big nothing ?

I can PROMISE AND SWEAR that I will MYSELF offer THE GEM of all the 10 hunts unsolved yet to any winner. I fortunately don’t care with money, but dying without the solutions is definitely a torment…

If the guy who contacted John Palencar last April could explain it to him, may be he would approve these ideas…AND OBVIOUSLY I WOULD LET JOHN PALENCAR ALL THE GEMS TO FUTURE WINNERS WITHOUT ANY DOUBT OF HIS SINCERITY.

I look forward your opinion about it…

Best or kind regards,

by Meteor » Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:30 pm

Leaving him alone : I agreed 100 %… at first ;

Talking about “any such nonsense”. Who are you to say that ? I wonder WHERE is the nonsense in what I wrote. You should read twice or more what you write before publishing it. Your opinion is quite stupid as you feel being like in his head. May be the man can give and opinion according to argues he never heard before ?

Are you Mr Palencar himself ? No. Of course I respect he wants to forget about it so long after, but may be he didn’t think of these ideas.

I think you just irritated me a lot. That’s why I won’t do what you suggest. No sorry, you decree. I am not your soldier, and I bet my rank in the army is far from your.

Then I will do what I suggested could be done, according of doing exactly what you decided that was wrong. Thanks for making me take the good decision !

by Meteor » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:23 pm

Thank you very much, Goldengate.

YOU found the right words to explain it, without looking like a guru.

So, I will not do what I planned at first. May be I send one day to the illustrator a message of congratulations for his talent, as myself I draw like a child of 5. And it is not sure at all I will do that.

I don’t know if he is still working, but, according to what he has done, I know a friend of mine looking for someone of his kind for a special job (NOTHING TO SEE WITH THE SECRET). It would be for an advert in such a style of artist.

I am very happy when I read your posts, just because I know before reading them that you are of the best common sense, savvy, with a horse sense. And both of us (in my humble opinion) really hate the mythomaniacs…

Happy hunting ! My wish is to discover a casque. Obviously, it is the wish of all of us. But, what a great pleasure for me if it could be done by one or two European hunters ! Just for fun because we are not so bright in english as you are ! Some kind of nice challenge anyway…

Wishing you all the best, best regards.

by Meteor » Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:45 am

Hi everyone !

I happen to be a french armchair and historical treasure hunter.

I read all the forums, and found the best and the worst things one can read. Very funny, it is the same story worldwide ! Some people are definitely sure of their solutions, but unfortunately find just a big nothing everytime, and a few hunters (about a little ten of them in my country) grab all the treasures, but never claim they are 100 % sure of their solutions BEFORE having found ! As for me, I didn’t want to be disturbed all time, this is why I several times refused to be in the Guiness book of records : we have to be humbles in my opinion, and is it my fault if I am a member of the MENSA with a score of 148/150 ?

I will be quite soon in the US, where I come at least 4 times a year for professional reasons since a long time, and I hope to dig out a casque. Just after deciphering the riddles, what I have been doing since 1986, when I found my first treasure hunt, BTW the very first organized in France. Since then, I dug out 38 treasures that had been wrote by 29 different authors, in France and UK.

May be my solutions are wrong, but if not, there will be a third casque found before the end of March… In that case, who knows ?, it is in my DNA to “read” in author’s brain, may be because myself already organized that kind of hunts sometimes ; as for the bad news, if I am not wrong in my deciphering, I think to have found the solutions of 2 more casques in “The secret”. Be safe, I dug about 41 holes to find “only” 38 treasures 😉 What means I may be wrong like anybody can be in that GAMES. Yes, we all are playing GAMES, it is not a WAR !

Please, don’t think any second I am pretentious, it is just to tell you that it would be a very great honor to find a treasure (or more, lol !) of Byron Preiss, without thinking a second to ask for the jewels. The longer last a hunt, the value for the discovery is a pity… Once more, WE ARE ALL ONLY PLAYING A GAME !!!

And I will not be sad if I dig a hole where there is nothing : I will be happy of doing it, that’s all !

And if I am not wrong, I bet most of you will be happy to read at a moment the solutions of the riddles. Myself I don’t care about somebody else finding the solutions, the best moment is reading the solutions I didn’t find myself !

Happy hunting everybody !


by Meteor » Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:06 pm

Thank you for your incentives !

I am sorry, but I cannot tell details of deciphering nor where I will dig a hole. I promise that in case of a found one, you all will know many informations about how I found it. In case of a disappointing hole, I will share my ideas, except those that may be only a few meters form the casque. Just to go back there after…

In Europe, we don’t share our very good ideas as you do in America, I don’t know what. Or may be just because we thing it is crazy to tell everybody what we hardly found… But, the longer is the quest, the easiest tongues are talking !

To be frank, I worked on “The Secret” during a lot of hours and days, for a many long time. In my opinion, it is a great advantage to speak a fluent english, french and other languages, because you can “smell” easier that a line of a verse looks strange to you. Speaking french is terrific when looking at the riddles of New Orleans and Montreal.

Without telling anyone where I’ll be within a few weeks, it looks obvious for me to give you a few hints, if I may, just because I had a great help of all what has been done for years here and elsewhere :

– Did anybody noticed about the sentence graved on the Wright brothers Memorial where a word is wroten in the verse : “Inconquerable” (french word, checked with a lot of universities) BUT on the Memorial itself it is spelt : “Unconquerable” (english word) ? Great find… if you speak french !

– Has anyone noticed that the 13 immigrants countries on page 10 of the only right source (american edition of 1982) shows the place they came from, EXCEPT for the line 12, a line being crossing the “square of Europe” all way long ? Where does it come from ? Sorry, I found it, and it is very important in my mind !

– Did you notice that on page 188 there is a help to use “somewhere” the most common letters in English words ?

– STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or I will give you a lot of informations than can help too much…

I hope to find quite soon a casque, but I am not sure at all : stil the same, until the moment you found it buried, you can just suppose !

Just for information, I am quite sure of the next spot ; 99% for a second one ; 99% for the area of a third one needing to be there to find the “thing” hided in the image.

And I had nearly a few looks at the 9 riddles remaining. I looked a bit at Florida, and I wonder why nobody writing on the forums didn’t find an obvious evidence !

I swear that if I find a casque, I will tell you about what CANNOT BE IN ANYWAY A COINCIDENCE about Florida.

Best regards,

by Meteor » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:39 pm

I am very sorry, but I didn’t answered to your question yet. According to me, it means this is only MY opinion until casques are found.

In my mind, I think that most of the latitude-longitude in 1982 were probably right and USELESS when there were enough other clues to find the right city. IMHO, it gives twice the same information what means (for me), it is a good way to throw away these figures when they check with “GPS” further informations…

This is an obvious way for an author to have searchers get read of the figures when they have, in their minds, understood them. BUT, who can say it won’t be useful in another way ?

To be frank, in other hunts, the figures were needed once more to hit the spot…. That is why, still IMHO, keep everything until the end of the story…

I happened to find a treasure with the same figures of longitude and latitude, just measuring how many meters, or paces, or steps, north and east (for example) of a place FOUND with the same numbers…


by Meteor » Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:55 pm

Well, I am very happy to tell you that a new casque had been dig out on Feb 25th at 9 h 55 am somewhere in the USA under the look of a park guard ranger.

I am very tired because of jetlag and a lot of turbulences with the plane flying back to Europe, when it was nearly impossible to sleep.

You will have detailed news and pictures to come next week-end, I hope so !

There are 9 other casques to find ! Please be patient for a few days until ì give you all details !

I just want to tell all my contempt, disdain and scorn to a “so called” hunter who had hard words about me, and said he has the IQ of… I don’t remember what… A silly guy anyway !


Meteor (and Devin and Kaspius who are in the team of finders !)

by Meteor » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:06 pm

I went back to the website and now I remember the nickname of the… stupid guy : GOLDEN MARTYRE.

A large program for a psychiatric MD… No more comment !


by Meteor » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:36 pm

I am sorry but so tired !

I just announced that on last Monday morning, I dug out the Casque of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco The riddles were not that difficult, but with a lot of “red herrings” that when you go out of the right way, it is hard to find the right trail…

Another trap was to read the informations of another website without checking if it was wrong or not…

I myself tried three times to become a help to the pbpreiss site, and never had any response, as I only wanted to help hunters. What a pity !!!

by Meteor » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:08 pm

I am fed up with losers doubting everything for so many years.

The park ranger with me all the time is Stanley. Give as many calls as you want : since my very first time I discovered a treasure in 1986 (may be you were not born yet ?) there have been losers who could not afford it : still the same old story…