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Puella Defututa Horribilis

The photo below was recently sent to my 12 year old son.

It’s ok to have a problem with me. But why involve children? This is not something adults do.
This hunt is supposed to fill us with joy, with wonder, with compassion for our fellow man. But sometimes, it fills a small number of hunters with rage. With hate. With bile.
Hunters who stop focusing on the Secret, and start focusing on each other.
Some of those hunters place blame on me. They call me a gatekeeper. They say that I can ban people from working on the Secret. That I control this puzzle.
It’s true. I am a gatekeeper.
But not to the Secret.
The Secret is just a book. Anyone is free to buy the book and work on this puzzle however they see fit.

I am a gate keeper to a series of tools, a Facebook group, a Subreddit, and a Discord channel.
To use those tools you have to follow one very specific rule.
Be kind to one another.
Those who are not kind lose access to those tools.

The fact that those people feel our tools are the most integral part of the Secret as a whole, is a great testament to what this community has created together.

I have always made myself an umbrella for attacks. Which is one of the many reason so much of the community has stuck by me.
If someone is harassing other members, that person gets banned, and no mention of the specifics of the harassment will ever occur. The person banned will attack me for banning them and I will never offer a specific explanation publicly. I do not throw the harassed members under the bus. I take the heat.
If a mod has to ban or silence someone from a group, they say I did it. It’s one of our official mod rules. I take the heat. Always have, always will.
This allows others to enjoy the time they spend working on the Secret, without worrying about trolls trying to ruin their time.

Lately a small number of banned users have decided to organize. Shortly before this message was sent to my son, another one sent a message to my step daughter.
I can’t imagine that was a coincidence.
Thankfully she is wise enough to block private messages from creepy old men.

I’m bringing all this to light to let the community know what’s going on, and place some responsibility in your hands.
The Secret is at a crossroads which will determine its legacy. Will it be remembered as a community of people working together to solve what might be the greatest puzzle of all time?
Or will it be remembered as the puzzle a couple of people burnt to the ground with drama and bullshit?

The choice is yours.

I’m posting this message publicly so that you all will get a taste of what I deal with.
Once my obligations are complete, I am going to take a nice long vacation from this hunt. Certain people have sucked any amount of joy I had for this hunt away from me.

I’ve always tried my best to give free and unlimited access to as much as I could, to everyone who enjoys this hunt.
I know most of you appreciate that. Please know that I appreciate all of the time I have spent working with all of you.
I did not make this community, you did.

Now it’s up to you to create it’s future.


Hello everyone,
You all know that recently someone sent my son a insulting message. What you may not know is that those messages never stopped.
Messages have been sent to my father, my son, my step daughter, my fiancée, my address and phone numbers have been posted online, and today and email about my ‘online activity’ was sent to my employer.
MY relationship with the Secret has always been positive. I loved the message of unity, and the warning of what anger, power, and sneaky behavior could bring to a harmonious group of people.
I have met a lot of great friends, and had some amazing experiences because of this silly little book.
But today my relationship with the Secret ends.
I will not put my personal life, or the security of my family in jeopardy because a couple of childish shitheads can’t get their way. Because they can’t earn the attention they so desperately seek.
They feel like I am the worst thing to happen to the Secret, they are the only ones who can save it… by getting rid of me.
Now they have their chance.
I have taken down 12treasures, the podcast feed, and the youtube account. I have walked away.
Let’s see if they are right.
People often wonder what the legacy of the Secret will be. I posit it will be this.
The legacy of the Secret will be a great and helpful group of people torn down by crybabies, because they are too ignorant to build the community up.
Pay attention to them. Love them. Respect them. Or they may send messages to your son too.
Party on, or don’t.
But whatever you do, don’t send me a message about the Secret. Because I’m out.

***update complete***