07 - New Orleans - The Secret A Treasure Hunt

At the place where jewels abound
Fifteen rows down to the ground
In the middle of twenty-one
From end to end
Only three stand watch
As the sound of friends
Fills the afternoon hours
Here is a sovereign people
Who build palaces to shelter
Their heads for a night!
Gnomes admire
Fays delight
The namesakes meeting
Near this site.

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Fortress north
Cold as glass
Friendship south
Take your task
To the number
Nine eight two
Through the wood
No lion fears
In the sky the water veers
Small of scale
Step across
Perspective should not be lost
In the center of four alike
Small, split,
Three winged and slight
What we take to be
Our strongest tower of delight
Falls gently
In December night
Looking back from treasure ground
There’s the spout!
A whistle sounds.

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Solved – Boston, Massachusetts

If Thucydides is
North of Xenophon
Take five steps
In the area of his direction
A green tower of lights
In the middle section
Near those
Who pass the coliseum
With metal walls
Face the water
Your back to the stairs
Feel at home
All the letters
Are here to see
Eighteenth day
Twelfth hour
Lit by lamplight
In truth, be free.

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Solved – Cleveland, Ohio

Beneath two countries
As the road curves
In a rectangular plot
Beneath the tenth stone
From right to left
Beneath the ninth row from the top
Of the wall including small bricks
Seven steps up you can hop
From the bottom level
Socrates, Pindar, Apelles
Free speech, couplet, birch
To find casques destination
Seek the columns
For the search.

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Two twenty two
You’ll see an arc of lights
Weight and roots extended
Together saved the site
Of granite walls
Wind swept halls
Citadel in the night
A wingless bird ascended
Born of ancient dreams of flight
Beneath the only standing member
Of a forest
To the south
White stone closest
At twelve paces
From the west side
Get permission
To dig out.

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Of all the romance retold
Men of tales and tunes
Cruel and bold
Seen here
By eyes of old
Stand and listen to the birds
Hear the cool, clear song of water
Harken to the words:
Freedom at the birth of a century
Or May 1913
Edwin and Edwina named after him
Or on the eighth a scene
Where law defended
Between two arms extended
Below the bar that binds
Beside the long palm’s shadow
Embedded in the sand
Waits the Fair remuneration
White house close at hand.

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At stone wall’s door
The air smells sweet
Not far away
High posts are three
Education and Justice
For all to see
Sounds from the sky
Near ace is high
Running north, but first across
In jewel’s direction
Is an object
Of Twain’s attention
Giant pole
Giant step
To the place
The casque is kept.

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View the three stories of Mitchell
As you walk the beating of the world
At a distance in time
From three who lived there
At a distance in space
From woman, with harpsichord
Silently playing
Step on nature
Cast in copper
Ascend the 92 steps
After climbing the grand 200
Pass the compass and reach
The foot of the culvert
Below the bridge
Walk 100 paces
Southeast over rock and soil
To the first young birch
Pass three, staying west
You’ll see a letter from the country
Of wonderstone’s hearth
On a proud, tall fifth
At its southern foot
The treasure waits.

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The first chapter
Written in water
Near men
With wind rose
Behind bending branches
And a green picket fence
At the base of a tall tree
You can still hear the honking
Shell, limestone, silver, salt
Stars move by day
Sails pass by night
Even in darkness
Like moonlight in teardrops
Over the tall grass
Years pass, rain falls.

Acrostic: SELOY
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In the shadow
Of the grey giant
Find the arm that
Extends over the slender path
In summer
You’ll often hear a whirring sound
Cars abound
Although the sign
Speaks of Indies native
The natives still speak
Of him of Hard word in 3 Vols.
Take twice as many east steps as the hour
Or more
From the middle of one branch
Of the v
Look down
And see simple roots
In rhapsodic mans soil
Or gaze north
Toward the isle of B.

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Pass two friends of octave
In December
Ride the man of oz
To the land near the window
There’s a road that leads to
Dark forest
Where white is in color
With two maps
After circle and square
In July and August
A path beckons
To mica and driftwood
Under that
Which may be last touched
Or first seen standing
Look north at the wing
And dig
To achieve
By dauntless and inconquerable
Your goal.

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Solved – Chicago Illinois

Where M and B are set in stone
And to Congress, R is known
L sits and left
Beyond his shoulder
Is the Fair Folks’
Treasure holder
The end of ten by thirteen Is your clue
Fence and fixture
Central too
For finding jewel casque
Seek the sounds
Of rumble
Brush and music

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Episode 08 - New Orleans

by JM, George | The Secret Podcast

NImage 7 / Verse 2:  New Orleans
Painting Name: Unknown
Painting Inspired by: Unknown
Latatude Longitude 29 / 90
Month: December
Birthstone: Turquoise
Time: 12 o’clock
Flower: Narcissus
Nation: France
Line tying verse to image: None
Litany quote: “Turquoise the Fays of France keep: stone Rare as a blue midsummer’s day. 
Parks Department: New Orleans Parks and Parkways
Official Contact: None
Dig Status: None

Common Image Matches to City

Common Maps or City Name in Image

Japanese Keywords and HInts:
Line 1: Jewels abound
Line 2: Fifteen rows
Line 3: twenty-one
Line 4: end
Line 7: Fills the afternoon hours
Fills the afternoon hours literally translates to (Japanese: “fill the afternoon hours” [“find
things to do in the afternoon?”]), but if you fix this to a more easy, direct expression…?
Line 8-9: This is a quote from a famous book. Now, go through a dictionary of quotations!
Line 11: Gnomes
Line 12: Fays
Line 13: namesakes

Japanese Pages

Rodel Quilalang solution

Ghirardelli Square

Expedition Unknown S07E08

John McDonogh monument

Armstrong Park

George Ward dig 2018


  1. Jen

    Regarding numbers in the corners with lower l missing…the right are no doubt longitude and latitude. The left is a year…I believe it maybe 1906. I was thinking about the Mardi Gras Fountain and the Krewe plaques. The Mystick Krewe of Camus was the oldest I believe. Their first meeting Jackson and Picayune. I read something about them meeting in a room above the defunct Gem Saloon. In 1906 it was The Masque of Camus..The book The Mystick Krewe the Chronicles of Camus and Kin looks very much alike. The Masque of Camus is hiding 06…🌬🍀🌬🍀 gl

  2. Jen

    In 1906 the theme was The Masque of Camus is what I meant to add.

  3. John Winkler

    Looks like you found a chunk of the New Orleans casque. It is identical to the Chicago casque. You should make a deal out of it and…I don’t know… contact Josh Gates. You could beat the drum for your show while recovering the key and meet the crew.
    Just saying.

    • rillegas08

      Those chunks of stone are likely just that — stone. Unless they found some plexiglass nearby, the casque would still be mostly white, as we saw with the Boston casque, and there’s no definition in what the carvings would have been. They look way more like natural ridges in stone than manmade carving. The picture that wonders if there’s paint on it is also inconclusive, because stones often naturally have areas of discoloration like that.

      • M4X

        I just listened to the podcast on New Orleans, and I really enjoyed it. Your potential solve involving Gallier Hall does line-up and it’s likely the spot. I know one part of the verse has thrown many off, so I looked at the lines with perspective that Gallier Hall is the likely location of the box and key.

        Here is a sovereign people
        Who build palaces to shelter <— Reference to Saint Charles hotel now the Street (*namesake of St Charles Hotel)
        Their heads for a night!

        Gnomes admire <— Gnomes are the protectors of buried treasure. A clue that you're near the spot if you solve the remaining lines.

        Fays delight <— Refers to LaFAYette street (*namesake of the Fays)

        The namesakes meeting <— Look at this as where the two *namesakes meet, or the corner of St Charles and Lafayette (Gallier Hall)

        Near this site. <— You're near the site if you solve this clue, now follow the lines to narrow your search.

        I'm almost certain this group found the spot prior to water line upgrades in the area in between the 21 posts from end to end on the corner of Gallier Hall. Kudos to you all and the namesake clue is likely referring to near the meeting of St Charles and Lafayette streets, specifically the corner of this meeting point is steps from the twenty-one posts mentioned in the podcast.

  4. Toni

    Has anyone considered New Orleans City Park? I see a lot of clues here

  5. danny ray titsworth

    below the clock behind the mask on the trim is the shape of a ship

    • dan titsworth

      lower trim of the clock behind the mask is a ship.

  6. Thomas

    Has no one ever mention the girl carved into the wood on the right side of the clockface? There even seems to be a word in her “hair”. And there seems to be a boy? on the right side of the clockface.

  7. Tom

    Roman number for 4 is IV, usually clocks breakwith tradition and use IIII instead. This clock breaks with tradion and uses IV.
    Also the masque is covering a quarter of the clock face, are they saying something is hidden in a south west corner?


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