09 - Montreal - The Secret A Treasure Hunt

Two twenty two
You’ll see an arc of lights
Weight and roots extended
Together saved the site
Of granite walls
Wind swept halls
Citadel in the night
A wingless bird ascended
Born of ancient dreams of flight
Beneath the only standing member
Of a forest
To the south
White stone closest
At twelve paces
From the west side
Get permission
To dig out.

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Fortress north
Cold as glass
Friendship south
Take your task
To the number
Nine eight two
Through the wood
No lion fears
In the sky the water veers
Small of scale
Step across
Perspective should not be lost
In the center of four alike
Small, split,
Three winged and slight
What we take to be
Our strongest tower of delight
Falls gently
In December night
Looking back from treasure ground
There’s the spout!
A whistle sounds.

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At the place where jewels abound
Fifteen rows down to the ground
In the middle of twenty-one
From end to end
Only three stand watch
As the sound of friends
Fills the afternoon hours
Here is a sovereign people
Who build palaces to shelter
Their heads for a night!
Gnomes admire
Fays delight
The namesakes meeting
Near this site.

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Solved – Boston, Massachusetts

If Thucydides is
North of Xenophon
Take five steps
In the area of his direction
A green tower of lights
In the middle section
Near those
Who pass the coliseum
With metal walls
Face the water
Your back to the stairs
Feel at home
All the letters
Are here to see
Eighteenth day
Twelfth hour
Lit by lamplight
In truth, be free.

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Solved – Cleveland, Ohio

Beneath two countries
As the road curves
In a rectangular plot
Beneath the tenth stone
From right to left
Beneath the ninth row from the top
Of the wall including small bricks
Seven steps up you can hop
From the bottom level
Socrates, Pindar, Apelles
Free speech, couplet, birch
To find casques destination
Seek the columns
For the search.

American Page / Japanese Page

Of all the romance retold
Men of tales and tunes
Cruel and bold
Seen here
By eyes of old
Stand and listen to the birds
Hear the cool, clear song of water
Harken to the words:
Freedom at the birth of a century
Or May 1913
Edwin and Edwina named after him
Or on the eighth a scene
Where law defended
Between two arms extended
Below the bar that binds
Beside the long palm’s shadow
Embedded in the sand
Waits the Fair remuneration
White house close at hand.

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At stone wall’s door
The air smells sweet
Not far away
High posts are three
Education and Justice
For all to see
Sounds from the sky
Near ace is high
Running north, but first across
In jewel’s direction
Is an object
Of Twain’s attention
Giant pole
Giant step
To the place
The casque is kept.

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View the three stories of Mitchell
As you walk the beating of the world
At a distance in time
From three who lived there
At a distance in space
From woman, with harpsichord
Silently playing
Step on nature
Cast in copper
Ascend the 92 steps
After climbing the grand 200
Pass the compass and reach
The foot of the culvert
Below the bridge
Walk 100 paces
Southeast over rock and soil
To the first young birch
Pass three, staying west
You’ll see a letter from the country
Of wonderstone’s hearth
On a proud, tall fifth
At its southern foot
The treasure waits.

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The first chapter
Written in water
Near men
With wind rose
Behind bending branches
And a green picket fence
At the base of a tall tree
You can still hear the honking
Shell, limestone, silver, salt
Stars move by day
Sails pass by night
Even in darkness
Like moonlight in teardrops
Over the tall grass
Years pass, rain falls.

Acrostic: SELOY
American Page / Japanese Page

In the shadow
Of the grey giant
Find the arm that
Extends over the slender path
In summer
You’ll often hear a whirring sound
Cars abound
Although the sign
Speaks of Indies native
The natives still speak
Of him of Hard word in 3 Vols.
Take twice as many east steps as the hour
Or more
From the middle of one branch
Of the v
Look down
And see simple roots
In rhapsodic mans soil
Or gaze north
Toward the isle of B.

American Page / Japanese Page

Pass two friends of octave
In December
Ride the man of oz
To the land near the window
There’s a road that leads to
Dark forest
Where white is in color
With two maps
After circle and square
In July and August
A path beckons
To mica and driftwood
Under that
Which may be last touched
Or first seen standing
Look north at the wing
And dig
To achieve
By dauntless and inconquerable
Your goal.

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Solved – Chicago Illinois

Where M and B are set in stone
And to Congress, R is known
L sits and left
Beyond his shoulder
Is the Fair Folks’
Treasure holder
The end of ten by thirteen Is your clue
Fence and fixture
Central too
For finding jewel casque
Seek the sounds
Of rumble
Brush and music

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  1. CoMa

    I maintain that this verse is meant to be read bottom to top. Which also leads me to believe the image is to be looked at upside down.

  2. Cole

    So I’ve theorized before that the verse is to be read bottom to top,or upside down, and thus the image would be as well. Adding to this, if we imagine that the hat is the same shape as the island that Montreal is found upon, where the rest of Quebec is North, then the mainland of Canada is the body of the person in the image. I have a doctored image that would show the streets correlating if one flips the image this way. But I’m unsure how to post images here if it is at all possible.

  3. Canuck

    Lane – A.T. Lane was one of the founders of the Montreal Bicycle Club in the 1870s

    222 – The 222s were a Montreal based punk band active in the late 1970s and early 1980s

    Tired of all the people who insist Verse 5 isn’t Montreal, Verse 5 IS Montreal!!!
    I don’t agree with having to read the verse bottom to top, the first couple lines of the verse are there to confirm Montreal as the city to associate it with and nothing more.
    Great podcast, keep up the good work!

    • Deborah Haig

      Hi there. I am brand new to the forum….my first post, if it works. Unfortunately I have to jump in with others that Verse 5 is not Montreal. I have gone through the verse and matched it with Image 9. From my determination, the entire puzzle is an aerial map. Yes, it does start in Montreal, the Eat Leg Lamp, but that is just to signify he was north of the border. His puzzle flows from there…south. It does end in New York but I would rather not say where…unless you are in Ottawa making it easy to co sleuth. I know I have figured out many of the clues and the verses…just tweaking on a couple of them.
      The opening line, Lane Two Twenty Two is exactly that but it is not a road or a music group, building etc. It is what you do when you reach the main place.

  4. Dutch

    a : an ocean route used by or prescribed for ships
    b : a strip of roadway for a single line of vehicles (Metro, Expo Express or Hovercraft??)
    c : air lane
    #Two twenty two#
    2 20 2
    222 (555 = Location number of Terminus Heli and Hovercraft of Expo67)
    II XX II
    There are +-22 Canons in Saint Helen Island Fort
    #You’ll see an arc of lights#
    Biosphere de Montreal
    Jacques Cartier Bridge
    Gilles Villeneuve Circuit
    #Weight and roots extended#
    #Together saved the site#
    #Of granite walls#
    Ile Sainte-Helene
    #Wind swept halls#
    Long-abandoned building underneath Jacques-Cartier Bridge
    Site of Expo 67
    #Citadel in the night#
    Tour de Lévis (Lévis Tower)
    Saint Helen Island Fort
    St. Helena Island Lighthouse (Why in the night + also build on painted white rock)
    #A wingless bird ascended#
    #Born of ancient dreams of flight#
    Helicopter, blimp or some boat??

    Rollercoaster Goliath build in 2006 (End of rollercoaster is build on/close to Heli-port)
    555 Terminus Heli-hover
    This could refer to the Air Canada pavilion at Expo 67: it clearly resembles the da Vinci sketches of the flying machines
    #Beneath the only standing member#
    #Of a forest#
    #To the south#
    #White stone closest#
    Long-abandoned building underneath Jacques-Cartier Bridge (White)
    St. Helena Island Lighthouse (White)
    #At twelve paces#
    #From the west side#
    #Get permission To dig out#
    Shape of his mouth is Montreal

    Shape of beret is shape of Ile Sainte-Helene

    67in flower Expo67 or Habitat67

    Legeaterdog (Montreal/George Stephen House)

    Image next to Legeaterdog (Metro,Hoovercraft,Submarine ,Habitat67?)

    The square with the X appears to contain two runes (wunjô/Joy ,laguz/Lake water or Ocean ) Maybe Complexe aquatique on Ile Sainte-Helene

    The word Fée = Fairy (ferry??)

  5. Canuck

    There are 2 Canadian symbols in the image side by side that you can see plain as day. They are above the writing that some believe says “Peel”. The first is the head of a Canada Goose and the second is a caricature of a beaver. They are easy to see on the new high resolution image (thanks George!) prior to zooming in as that makes them too grainy to see properly.

    Back to the 222s, they played punk shows in New York City so quite possible that Byron or someone else who worked on the book (Sean Kelly?) knew of them and their Montreal roots.

    Glad you mentioned A.T. Lane in the podcast. The reference to Lane being the first to make a bike trail in North America can be found in an old book published in 1887 called “Ten Thousand Miles on a Bicycle” by Karl Kron (pen name) whose real name was Lyman Hotchkiss Bagg. We know Byron referenced Sarmiento’s Travels in the U.S. in 1847 so it’s not a stretch to think that he had this book as well as its also a travel log type reference material.

  6. Canuck

    Ookpik, the official mascot of Expo 67 can be seen in the image over the left arm, roughly in line with the legeater. The mascot is an Inuit owl with a black beak and google eyes and those features can easily be seen in the image.

  7. Diceycat

    Well I think Montreal as the location of the casque is wrong.
    People are basing the location solely on this legeater dog.
    The problem is that the lamp post is a legeater cat and it is not located
    by any park. The casque is in a park.
    I think the location is in Quebec City.
    Let me explain my reasoning based on the verse

    “ Lane two twenty two you’ll see an arc of lights”

    Google 222 Rue Saint Louis in Quebec City and it puts you
    at the road archway entrance to Old Quebec City which happens to have lights under the arch
    I also noticed that the 22 regiment is located at the Citadel there .
    As well the street leading up to the Citadel , Cote de la Citadel has a building address number 2

    “ weight and roots extended together saved the site of granite walls”

    Pretty much self explanatory being and old granite walled city as well it could be referring
    To the Joan of Arc garden that I am getting to.

    “Wind swept halls Citadel in the night”

    Again self explanatory. There is the Citadel there and the halls are the barracks located on top of a windy plateau.

    “ a wingless bird ascended born of ancient dreams of flight”

    Well that would be Joan of Arc ( bird being slang for girl),who back in the 1400s at the age of 13 had visions of Archangel Michael ( ancient dreams of flight),and heard voices from God. She ascended to Sainthood

    “Beneath the only standing member of a forest to the south”

    The Joan of Arc garden is to the south of 222 Rue Saint Louis and she is in a sunken garden ( beneath) with trees all around the garden and she is standing up on the stirrups
    “ white stone closest at 12 paces from the west side get permission to dig”

    This would be 12 paces from the Joan of Arc monument which is located in the center of the garden
    Now seeing that this is part of the Plains of Abraham historic site you would need to get permission or else.

    From the image all the checker board pattern represents the granite walls.
    Center of the image you have the steps going down into the garden on the east and west sides
    The fingers pointing to show you that the monument is located in the center of the garden
    The dog legeater is actually a wolf and represents the monument ( for general Wolfe who fought the battle on the plains of Abraham that the monument is dedicated to )
    The number 76 on the image in the flower can be found on theJoan of Arc monument date1760
    The blob in the corner represents a police car ( there is a park ranger office at the SE corner of the garden area)
    Now the location of the casque would be under one of the flag stones on the walkway 12 paces west from the monument
    The flagstones are represented by the negative shape made by the fingers crossing.
    The checkered cuffs on the character represent the garden walls on either side of the walkway by the steps on the west side
    The number 73 in the hair represents the main highway 73 leading into Quebec City.
    I could go on but let you to decide .

    • Moose

      Except those walls are made of sandstone… There are more than enough references to link this to Montreal. There are some lines in the verse that fit both cities but show me one photo from Quebec city that is a direct reference to the painting. All the others have them.

      • Diceycat

        Well Moose, the walls are actually made of limestone not sandstone.
        I don’t think the author was a geologist nor was his intention to describe them with great mineralogical accuracy . Much like the art work some things are left to interpretation.The book was written for teenagers not Mensa scholars.

        Take a look at the photos on trip advisor for Joan of Arc garden in Quebec City and link them to my solve. Somewhere in those or other photos you can see “ Fee fairy “ on the signs that are in the garden during October ( Halloween).I believe there is writing scrawled that says “Fee “on the background of the image to right of the character. If you look above the characters right eye you will see the image of a face looking up. This is the face of “the lady of Cape Diamond “that is on display in the garden during Halloween.
        Remember he said one of his hints was that he was hiding in some leaves to evade being seen by the police and dog walkers. That to me is a big hint . That means he was in a place that had a lot of leaves on the ground ( a forest ,like in the verse),, where people walk there dogs ( usually residential areas) and that police patrol regularly or have a station close by, ( that pretty much excludes downtown Montreal).
        The casque is in a park and that park has to have some sort of significance to immigrants not some obscure park no one knows of.

        I don’t think every picture has to have an outline of a building, roadmap or latitude, longitude coordinates in them as a clue .Some could be less obvious on the picture side and more on the verse side. It’s just like the number73 in the hair . I don’t see that 4 but I do see the 5 ,and what if the 5 is actually an S and the area that people claim shows a 4 is actually an R , SR being State Road ( like in the US it’s a highway) and with the 73 there, then Hwy73 which leads into Quebec City or if you don’t like that then Hwy 573 leads into Quebec City on the west side and Hwy 73 on the East.

        In my opinion there is nothing written in the verse to indicate Montreal , but if you can explain each line in the verse how it gets you closer to the casque then I’m all ears. (the hint for the final location of the casque is at or near the centre of each of the Images).

        Remember this location is only a theory of mine until someone digs it up. The way I see it is everything points to Quebec City , Joan of Arc garden as the final location ,verse and picture. it’s under a specific stone ( one made by the shape of the fingers) that’s part of the flagstone walkway in front of the stairs on the west side . Someone could dig it up easily but they need to get that permission form signed first ( has anyone even tried ?),or you don’t get the jewel and you might get fined or worse if caught without proper authorization.

      • Diceycat

        What also clinches the deal that it is in Quebec City. Use the image on pbworks site since it is superior to the one posted here and it is gridded .
        So look in the background and you can see the faint image of a person on a horse holding a sword in section B4 to B5 the horses head is pretty clear also if you look carefully you can see the outline of the shoreline of Quebec City along with the St. Charles river in the background as well this is where the dark area meets the light area on the left side. There is a darker squiggly line there that represents the river

        • Deborah

          Hi there. I have done considerable work on this location and even debunked my original theory. I am now sure that the casque is in fact in Montreal and I have been to the location where I used rebar and hit something exactly
          2 1/2 feet down. It was a hard smooth surface and I could slide my rebar back and forth on it. As it was November 30th that I was there, I am waiting until the Spring thaw to go back and dig down to what I have hit.

  8. chris birge

    You complete disregard and misquote the information Byron Priess provided. You mention Byron Preiss reply to Johann about St Louis. but it could be anything

    If you search Johanns posts you will see that Byron Priess is specifically asking about a spot in Tower grove by the Shakespeare statue. Byron Priess replied to Joahnn that he was right about the city of st Louis not about Tower park or maybe more specific his spot by the Shakespeare statue

    Re: verse 2
    I extensively explored Tower Grove Park years ago. In fact, it was my solution that I emailed to BP. He said I was correct in thinking St. Louis, but I had the wrong location. Did he mean the wrong park or the wrong spot in Tower Grove Park? I don’t know. I never counted the …
    by johann
    Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:26 pm

    Forum: The Secret
    Topic: verse 2
    Replies: 800
    Views: 10872

    • Cyn Less

      I am curious about the posts you mention from Johann. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing with me how to access his posts. I am new to The Secret search and live not too far from the St. Louis area.

  9. Marcel Lojet

    Got a great solve. Digging in October. Will share in November. Would love another Montreal podcast. I have found a total of three image confirms in the picture for Montreal. Including one over my dig site. I am using a different verse. As I believe it has a confirmation in the verse as well. Two in fact. Wish me luck in October 2019.

    • radamundo

      Also using a different verse over here – excited to hear about where you dig, why, and what verse you’re using!

    • Eti

      Hi/Bonjour Marcel!
      I’m very curious about which verse you used since I think I also have found a good solve
      If you are willing to discuss please contact me at [email protected]
      Have a good day

    • Jason

      Any update? Thanks

      • Deborah

        Well…I guess they didn’t find it because it is still at my dig site as of November 30th, 2019. Cheers

        • Simon

          What verse are you using for Montreal ?

  10. Diceycat

    Wow, just listened to the podcast for the Montreal solve and now I am more convinced than ever that the location of the casque is in Quebec City. At the beginning of the podcast someone mentions that the author states that Saint Louis is correct while not attributing it to the city specifically. This just reinforces to me that the Saint Louis is the name of the street and 222 is the address and the arc of lights can be seen from this location . The arc of lights is the roof top circular bar located on top of hotel de la Concord , it appears as an arc when looking up at it from this location. This hotel is right by the Joan of Arc gardens which boarders the Plains of Abraham park ( protected site).

    Remember he mentioned about dogs , police ,and hiding in leaves as an extra clue. Well the west side of the park is residential and people will take their dogs for a walk along the street or in the park and the fact that the area is patrolled by police because it’s a national monument area. It’s the Fall season with all those leaves.

    People are stymied by the black squiggly line on the French beret of the character (Sir John A. McDonald), If you look at some photos posted on trip advisor you will see that it is the outline of the face of Joan of Arc statue ( nose lips and chin),on the monument looking up taken from the north side of the monument with the sun in the background causing the image to appear black.

    Some talk about seeing Fee or Fee fairy in the background of the picture and this can be seen in the displays set up in the Joan of Arc garden during October / Halloween time. Again look at photos posted on internet.

    That squiggly line on the right side of collar is the St. Lawrence river but the line on the left is the Montmorency waterfall ( north end of Quebec City and on the left or west side of the St. Lawrence river).

    Again , double set of steps on the east( right side of image) and single set of steps on the west side ( center of Joan of Arc garden).

    • Deborah

      Maybe take another look at the squiggly line on the hat – top right…hold your thumb over the top three bumps and you will see the outline of a man with a hat all in black. I suspect that I know who this is referring to but not going to mention here. Just wanted you to see the figure and you can go from there. Cheers…

  11. Deborah

    If anyone is from the Ottawa area I would like to connect with you regarding Image 9, Verse 5. I am just about prepared to dig and would like a cohort. Email me at [email protected]

    • Jackie farrell

      Hi there Deborah! My family has recently discovered this awesome hunt! My hubby and I are located near hawkesbury Ontario, I lived in Ottawa for forty years before moving out here. My daughter and her fiancé, as well as two other daughters live in Ottawa as well as my father who has lived there all of his 75 years. You can email me, excited to hear from you

      • Deborah

        Hi Jackie…glad to find you here. I tried to return your phone message but could never get through. Email me at [email protected] if you would like. I have pretty much concluded my search and went to the dig site and did hit something at 2.5 feet. Would love some company to go back in the Spring for final dig. Would like to hear your thoughts too. Cheers…

    • Mathieu joly

      Hey I’m from Ottawa and I am down!

      • Deborah

        Hi Mathieu….good to hear from you too. Maybe we should get together with Jackie and see where we can go with this. I have my dig site down but would like company to go back in the Spring. I also have a second image and verse completed and close to finishing a third. This could be a great get together to sort out thoughts, ideas and perspectives. You can email me at [email protected] Cheers…

  12. Deborah

    Now having debugged my theory, I have now found a location when hopefully the casque is located. To all those who think it is Montreal….YOU RIGHT. I was wrong about the location even though there were excellent connections. What I have found that works best…is to identify objects in the painting and then search all over for them…this will take you in the right direction.

  13. Lloyd dickert

    Notre dame 222 checked flags expo 67 Montreal for sure just starting my game will let you know expo 67 done in October


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