Season 3, Episode 13

NY Meetup with Ben and Andy


by The secret Podcast | NY Meetup with Ben and Andy

Join us as we interview Ben Asen and Andy Abrams about the Secret, Byron Preiss, and Josh Gates, during the first and last NY meetup.

Hosts & Guests

George Ward

Brett Zingler

Cole May

Ben Asen

Andy Abrams

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  1. David Walker

    I saw an episode on the Secret on expedition unknown Dec 29, 2022 and recently went to NYC to test my hypothesis and am extremely confident in my solution. I am currently waiting for permission to dig.

  2. Walter Shermanski

    I have solved the last 9 verses of The Secret.
    Once you know how, you can decode all of them…I can prove it !!!! PS. No casque in Milwaukee or Montreal… Remember, Bryan tells you exactly where to dig !!! If you can’t
    get it down to a 3 foot by 3 foot area…you have it wrong!! PS.. only one in Manhattan.
    Two in New York ….


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